Age of Youth 2


1 Seasons 14 Episodes

Age of Youth 2

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Original name청춘시대


Age of Youth 2

Synopsis of Age of Youth 2

University students Yoon Jin-Myung, Jung Ye-Eun, Song Ji-Won, Kang Yi-Na and Yoo Eun-Jae share a house. Jin-Myung is busy supporting herself financially and studying. She suffers from lack of sleep. Ye-Eun is devoted to her boyfriend, she is clear about what she likes or not. Ji-Won has a bright personality and likes to drink. Yi-Na is popular due to her beautiful appearance. Eun-Jae is timid, but she has an unique taste for men.

Firt air date
Last air date2017-08-25
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


1 Age of Youth 2


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  • Min Douglas

    Age of youth

  • <3

  • meeemo

    why is it still raw on every site?????

    • ikr ive checked a few ???

      • meeemo

        yeah me too :/

    • babyjr

      it’s because of strict licensing rights thus they can’t sub it right now.

  • im so keen i hope its good!!!!!

  • tamry

    please sub this

  • Alex Alex

    Is this going to be subbed?

  • A.e

    Its been now 3 days why is even the first episode still raw ????

  • dietmntndew

    Does anyone know whose subbing team is picking up AoY2? ….or like, if there is one ? Im reeeeaallly looking forward to this ???

    • paperheart

      I’ve checked every single site and I had no luck!! I wonder why it hasn’t been subbed yet :/

  • meeemo

    still raw seriously tho? ._.

  • 문성희

    do drama sites think this drama isn’t worth subbing? like wth?! i can’t believe we’re playing favorites here, some dramas who’re not even worth-watching get subbed in like 3-4 hours after it’s regular airing

    • meeemo

      yeah and it’s the second season so a lot of people are anticipating it!! i don’t know why they think it’s not worth subbing :/

    • babyjr

      it’s not because of that. it’s because of strict licensing rights thus they can’t sub it right now.

      • Swaggii

        Thank you for being someone w/ sense. I’m shocked people still think these sites are the ones subtitling the episodes.

      • Rani Susan Monika

        i don’t think its because licensing thingy well if its because of that matter this raw video can’t be uploaded in this site cus i guess this site is illegal? idk.

  • JustMe

    Why is it still raw, three days later?

  • Jane Barmani

    WTF can we get subbed for age of youth like seriously dramahood dont do this to us

  • babylonya

    hm it’s been 6 days and even hospital ship got already subbed

  • paperheart

    I just found out Netflix has license to sub this show. So no one else can sub it or not it’ll be taken down. This sucks bc we’ll prob have to wait until after it’s finished :/ *sigh*

  • paperheart

    I don’t have Netflix, so I can’t check ? But I believe it won’t be up until after the show is over :/ I’m gonna do the free trial when it’s up LOL

  • Kotori Itsuka

    It took almost every site a week to sub the first two episodes… why is that so?? Do sites think that this drama is not worth subbing? 🙁 will we wait another week after the release of an ep for subs? 🙁

  • tamry

    oh thank goodness end sub! better late than never. but i hope you guys will continue to sub as and when the episode releases like you do with other dramas. we’re counting on you DH, our sub saviours ????

  • Alex Alex

    No the first series is – the second i havent seen it up there yet. But d R A M a N i C e has it subbed 1-3

  • TatianaJoseph9620

    When is ep 4 getting subbed?

  • veryrationalfemale


  • tamry

    so Girl’s Generation 1979, that released just couple hours ago is already subbed, but we have to wait days for this one? I really don’t understand what’s going on, because almost every other new drama has been subbed immediately except this one on all sites. this is too sad ?

    • babyjr

      it’s because of strict licensing rights thus they can’t sub it right now. xx

    • Natie

      because girls generation 1979 has a cliche romance story line

  • for you guys who are wondering the reason why its taking so long to get subbed is because Netflix bought this seasons rights or something from JTBC therefore there is a lot of copyright issues i guess which take longer to avoid??

    basically Netflix has the rights to it so its harder for other people to sub it. Netflix will also put this season on their website after its finished airing but i guess all we can do it wait lol

    • Hermione En

      so even if i enter the netflix through my account i can’t watch till its end cuz i just searched this drama on netflix but couldn’t find

      • Netflix has season one, they call it hello my twenties not age of youth.
        For season 2 it will be uploaded once the show has stopped airing

  • Catalina Raba

    Why popularity is so low? This drama is perfect, people need to watch this. Fighting subbers, and thank you

    • meeemo

      it’s not unpopular at all! it just that netflix bought the subbing rights or somethin like that so it takes longer to sub.

      • Catalina Raba

        It is 0.7 percent and comparing School 2017 media was like 9. Most of the dramas that are on netflix were very unpopular

        • Sheila

          where did you get the 0.7% from? because the show’s rating in korea is pretty impressive and they keep breaking their own record with every new episodes. The ratings are 2~3% which is considered pretty high coming from cable and on top of that, from jtbc. On the other hand, school 2017 which is aired on kbs (public channel) barely produced 5%, it’s a very low numbers for a public channel.

  • 이채린

    I dont think we have the right to complain too much. Sub team is doing it for free. Let’s all be considerate.

  • Emily Mcblech

    Does anyone know where I can find ep 7 for eng sub?

    • hno

      it’s nowhere to be found

    • TatianaJoseph9620

      I think subs get posted tuesdays and ep 8 subs get posted Wednesday

  • Laura Palacio

    Does anyone know where can I find the trancripts in korean?

  • saba pathan

    When will be ep 8 will be subbed… can’t wait as watched ep 7 … sub team u guys are doing great job ….

  • saba pathan

    In every seconds watching on every sites but can be seen

  • Blacbarbie40

    my favorite show and no subs!!Ugh!!

  • Misbah b

    Can’t wait for episode 8 to be subbed literally no one has ;-;)

  • Ghada

    can’t wait till ep 9 is release :((

  • Igot99dramas

    Absolutely looove this drama! So glad they gave us a second season ! I’m already dreading the end… Guys if you have seen any drama as good as age of youth, chicago typewriter or cercle please let me know! I just can’t seem to find one with a plot that make sense recently.
    Btw, A+ for the actors’ chemistry for this one.

    • Tiffnwach33

      Have you seen weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo

    • Rose

      Weightlifting fairy is really good! You should also watch the reply series because it is also very realistic like this show and it is about a group of friends who go through a lot together!


      besides the ones mencioned Gils Generation is good!

    • Cindy Restrepo

      Well, Idk what type of dramas u like, or how old r u… but I could recommend you temperature of love is really good, and others that I’ve seen like On the way to the airport or Valid love they are a little mature but they are good 😀

    • JustMe

      I enjoyed school 2017. Cheese in the trap, weightlifting fair, suspicious partner. But honestly age of youth is my favorite. If anyone has suggestions for “slice of life” dramas as well lemme know. (Those mentionned abbove are of that type)

      • paradox.of.fate

        Reply 1988? Enjoyed the others but not as much as this one.

        • JustMe

          I don’t wanna start the reply series because I’ve been told you don’t find out who the main couple is until the end. I dont wanna ship and get my heart broken :'( Thank chinguya 🙂

          • paradox.of.fate

            lol True, but the series itself is funny and relatable even if the ship does/doesn’t sail. hahaha

  • Natie

    Wheres the subs
    if this drama had a hot male protagonist or a cliche love story it would be uploaded as fast as andante, right?

    • Laura Palacio

      Are you paying anything? Get lost.

      • Natie

        They get money through my access and all of those ads. And I still have to deal with virus on my computer so technically yes, i’m paying for it.

        • xiaojenny

          I have to go through about 5 pop up ads before I can even get to the page to check if subs are up.

        • Laura Palacio

          Omg, such an effort.

          • Natie

            Right? 🙂

          • Laura Palacio

            Are you aware this site does not make the subs? Some fans make them, and this site only uploads videos, the fans dont get paid, and also… the actors and writers and every body who made the video dont get paid! So… go watch the serie on netflix.

          • Natie

            omg dont you get tired? i’m not gonna reply you again

          • Haru Danik

            lol…you lost

  • guest

    do ppl not read?? it’s already been mentioned by some users that it’ll take time for the subs to come out as netflix bought the rights to it…
    also, stop being so snappy at the subbers; they do it for free. they can take 1 month for all I care since it’s not their obligation.

    • hno

      I don’t understand it , what happen when netflix buy the rights of a drama?

      • Swaggii

        The show appears on Netflix??????


    I never tought i would hate netflix! DYING TO SEE THE NEW EPISODES =(

  • mero

    episode 9 translated …. YES ????

  • Vania Octavia

    i’m willing to pay whoever subbed this eps 10…. i’m so damn curious :((((((

  • Mariah Livingston

    How many episodes…….

    • Nina


  • Irem Bahar

    omg thank you so much for early translate im so happy right nowwww 😀

  • Straw

    Thanks a lot for the Eng Sub. Love lots.

  • wendy Martinez

    to the person who subtitled this: thank you very much!
    I wish you a beautiful life, thank you for subtitling this drama!