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Avengers Social Club

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Avengers Social Club

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Features three women from different walks of life coming together for revenge: a fish store ajumma who envisioned a better life for herself, a housewife who grew up an orphan, and a chaebol’s daughter who was raised like a delicate greenhouse flower. They’re an unlikely trio who would never otherwise meet, but they join forces to carry out their individual revenges. Although they start out as co-conspirators, along the way they’ll builda strong friendship.

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  • paradox.of.fate

    Woot, gotta love a drama that features 3 woman who are looking for revenge!

  • Minnetter

    i hope this is subbed.

  • JA

    I hope this gets subbed ?? looks amazing!!!

  • Aishah

    the first episode of this was sooo good. very different from normal dramas. i hope this can get subbed

  • MAY

    Is this going to be a repeat of the subbing situation with Age of Youth 2? This is a really good drama! I hope that subbers don’t drop this. Been waiting and hoping for ep 2 to be subbed. But no one seems to have done it.

  • Mia Yuri

    where is the subs for this drama??!?

  • Walé Sh

    PLZ SUB THE 3rd AND 4th EPISODES …..