Black Knight


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Black Knight

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Original name흑기사


Black Knight
Black Knight

Synopsis of Black Knight

This drama is about a pure man who accepts a dangerous destiny for the woman he loves. It is a love story that spans over two hundred years. Moon Soo Ho is a businessman with a pure heart braves danger for his love, Jung Hae Ra who is a travel agent but never traveled abroad.

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Last air date2017-12-07
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


1 Black Knight



  • DyingtobeinKorea


  • blue sky

    my little bride cast

  • amanda

    oh this is just beautiful yes yes yes my kind of drama yes yes yes!!!!!1

  • maya maharjan

    after so long a refreshing drama

  • Tracy Smith

    So are both witches ? I am curious the older one needs all 3 to be happy but the younger one was cursed and let our girl get killed instead. But why did Moon Soo Ho remembers her as a teen but she has no memories of him . And he also seems to have powers

    • kapoyani

      He is just lucky. The older witch seemed to wish him luck and it stuck

  • neha

    It’s Like Goblin of 2017

  • I just started this.. I too was hesitant because of SSK but I wanted to see KRW and that won out.. SSK is doing better here than previously although I can see other actresses able to take on the role instead of her..

    KRW is doing a lot of work to tighten the tension.. his delivery of his lines and his eye contact is just mesmerising.. for that I am sticking around..

    Their chemistry still needs to get better after ep3.. it was not existent for me in ep1 and 2..

    The immortal women are good characters to watch out for.. they will keep the story interesting..

    As a whole, although SSK’s acting may be on the weak side, the other actors as well as the story line will keep people watching it.. I just hope the writers keep it up..

    Also the texture of the show,from the music to locations to they way they shoot the angles and scenes, add to the appeal..

    • seasafira

      I also hesitant bsc of her, I love krw but ssk… should I gv a try ?

      • Yes give it a try.. it is watchable because of the other actors..

        • PoshKitty

          Guys she has improved so give her a chance. People in Korea actually like her so I don’t understand why the foreign audience is mean to her. I have been in Korea for a few months now and it is strange to see you all dislike her when a good majority of young korean teens and adults like her. When I told my female friend she was shocked

          • Myrna Murphy

            I admire her alot!

          • Diana Sonu

            Because everyone is free to like/hate someone. If they like her, it`s not my problem. I still don`t like her.

          • PoshKitty

            They wouldn’t cast her if she was horrible. I’m not saying you must like her. I’m saying that it boggles my mind how people in Korea love her and then there are foreign kdrama lovers who shame and ridicule her for one show that was written and directed poorly. It’s the same situation with Park Shin Hye. The foreign audience hates her while her native audience adore her. Just confusion is all

      • I’m reading these comments coz I want to know if this show is worth watching. From my past experience of their previous kdramas, SSK hasn’t overcome her inhibitions and self-consciousness as in Water God. KRW can act certainly, it’s just that he doesn’t know how to kiss Park Shin he in the doctors. Should I or should I not watch?…

        • Tracy Smith

          save yourself the horror. I never felt so sick in my stomach watching her and I don’t even think she is that bad as an actress but something felt just totally wrong with her and I hated their chemistry . beside other viewers got upset in the end because it did got extamted what means the story got dragged out . It wasn’t worth the pain although I did liked the story idea . If you can surpass her acting and not expect to much from the end maybe you get some fun of the story.

    • Aishahmajidyahya

      Great synopsis Jho51e👍😊

  • kapoyani

    Surprised. Its interesting. Quite enjoyable so far. Im up to ep 6 and its been a fun watch

  • Not too familiar with the lead actor, I think i’ve only seen him in one drama and he was supporting role lol. But Imma watch this drama anyways because the synopsis seems interesting. Hope it’s a good one! lol.

    • DAT

      Watch KRW on PUNCH. That’s how i found him and began to appreciate his acting and works. I watched PUNCH because of Kim A-Joong (from 200 Pounds Beauty) and KRW was Male Lead in Punch

      I didnt like SSK in Blade Man so i didnt watch, neither did i watched WaterGod but i found SSK on Sensory Couple and i think she did well there so when i saw this title Black Knight with both of them as main cast, i started watching and never regretted it!

  • kapoyani

    This wait between eps feel longer this time 😐 ep11 and 12 where are you lol

  • Emjay29

    I like both the leads. Interesting drama.

  • Michał Mucha

    I want him to be with Sharon, eh… am I weird?

  • The one you showed was much improved, lol
    I was referring to their kiss in ep 6 – was kinda awkward lol.