Enemies from the Past
1 Seasons 120 Episodes

Enemies from the Past

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Enemies from the Past

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Go Ya supports her family by doing part-time work. Her father had an affair and left home 10 years ago. She is now looking for a regular full-time job. Ji Seok is a lawyer who specializes in divorces. He is skeptical about marriage, but after he meets Go Ya and gets close to her, they face a difficult situation

Episode runtime35 min
TV StatusOngoing


1 Enemies from the Past


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  • amanda

    mmmmmmmm sounds delicious

  • Ino Yong Senpei

    Will give it a try after its subbed

  • paradox.of.fate

    120 episodes…dangit. I can barely get in the 16 or 32. lol

    • Zam Well

      if 5 episodes impress me.. i can do 120 XD

      • paradox.of.fate

        lol Your stronger than me. I really havent found one that is that long that didn’t feel like the quality was reduced? Not just the acting. but even the video, sets and definitely the ost’s are nonexistent. (kinda feels like a soap opera if you get what i’m saying?) If you know of one that defies those characteristics please let me know, would always welcome a good referral. 😉

        • Hogwild

          There are a few I’ve tried watching but I end up skipping lots of episodes. Usually the first 20 episodes will be okay then the next 80 to 90 will be bad people do bad things to good people. Then either justice or forgiveness, sometimes both, and everyone lives happily ever after.

          • paradox.of.fate

            lmao too funny. I agree with ya. Good thief started out sooo good. The child actors were excellent the story was progressive for each episode then somewhere around 20 it came to a screeching halt. hahaha
            Anyways if you have any referrals let me know. 😉

          • Isabell-Mari / 마리

            i always seem to be able to complete. but i have a tendency to wait for a long time before i start and have atleast one BIG break inbetween when the characters get on my nerves, they eventually do in the long dramas

          • paradox.of.fate

            You’re a better kdrama fan than I am. lol Even watching the 50 one hr eps are challenging for me. But I’m a big fan of the ost’s and to me it seems that the really good ones come from the dramas that are less than 24? If you know of some really quality longer ones I’m will to sink in the time, but only when there are others that say it’s worth it. 😉

          • Isabell-Mari / 마리

            hmm i also prefer the 16/20 episode dramas XD ” a daughter like you” and “father is strange” is good tho ! =)

  • KDrama admirer

    Wow 120ep

  • Helene Löfgren

    Anyone know when the next episode is out? I guess the olympics need some airingtime…so is this drama onhold until the olympics end? I actually miss this couple! They are so cute together!

  • Linda

    When is this drama coming back? I’m going crazy.