Man Who Dies to Live

죽어야 사는 남자

1 Seasons 24 Episodes

Man Who Dies to Live

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Original name죽어야 사는 남자


Man Who Dies to Live

Synopsis of Man Who Dies to Live

In the late 1970’s, Jang Dal-Goo went to the Middle East and settled down in the small kingdom. He became Count Souad Fahd Ali and found success there, but he returns to South Korea to find his daughter. He appears in front his daughter Lee Ji-Young and his son-in-law Kang Ho-Rim.

Lee Ji-Young has a positive personality and her dream is to have a happy family and become a writer. Kang Ho-Rim has a great looking appearance and works as an ordinary salaryman.

Firt air date
Last air date2017-08-03
Episode runtime30 min
TV StatusEnded


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  • vixter

    lol wtf is this

  • Lucy

    TAKE DOWN THIS STUPID drama. This drama is a disgrace!!!!

    • Ani O

      Everyone asking to take it down needs to mature some and grow a sense of humor! Many movies and documentaries has been made about Christianity and you don’t see them throwing tantrums like toddlers. THIS IS FICTION! Thanks to all these oversensitive people sending in petitions MANY OTHER fans can’t watch it 🙁

      • Lucy

        Try to understand what the drama had done wrong cause there are way too many people who find this offensive and a’int just muslims who are being “oversensitive” as you put it. People who understand where the basics of not crossing the line knows where the drama went wrong. I too first thought no big deal, just a fiction, just for fun but here is a link which explains what bullshit this drama sprouts:-
        and if you still don’t get it then can’t help you further.
        And to those FANS who are enjoying watching a drama which mocks other culture, religion, race, you really help racism be televised worldwide without any objection. THANKS A LOT KIDS.

        • kemi daniel

          I think you lot the intention of exaggerated comedy. The entire drama is over the top , it’s not about disrespecting Islam . There are so many dramas that show Christians as con artists, rapists, e.t.c
          Anyone who isn’t ignorant would know that’s not a true representation of Islam . Islam doesn’t need you to defend it. The writers have the freedom to write whatever; it’s called art . This is over sensitive. I read the point of views but it’s over stretching.

  • Lucy


  • binte
    • kemi daniel

      Why? Please don’t impose your views/bias on others . Different strokes for different people. Just cause you don’t like doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t. Offence is taken not given. You chose to take offence but don’t make everyone else take with you. Islam and the Arab nation does not need you or anyone to defend itself. Trying to defend is sending wrong signal. Islam & Allah can defend itself . Please

  • Lacie

    Does anyone knows why the drama is not subbed after episode 4?

  • Mimi66

    Dramahood, please english sub the rest of this drama. Although there are those who don’t like it, that shouldn’t be a reason to stop subbing. When “Heirs” came out, I thought that they totally misrepresented the USA, by depicting Americans as drug dealers and abusers, but I realized it’s just a Drama and everyone has freedom of expression. By the way, the english spoken on that drama was so bad it made me laugh. I watched it anyway. So please continue your great work by subbing “Man who dies to live” Thanks

    • Fülöp Anna Mária

      I made recaps in the comments after episodes 9,10,11,12. I’ll try to do this with all episodes after ep.5,but I need time , as there are no written text. I’ll have to listen times, plus I don’t have good dictionary. This is one of the best comedies till now. It’s worth to see.

    • Sab

      So true! If some one-track minded people doesn’t like this drama and can’t accept that this drama is fictional and NOT a documentary, they can just simply leave and don’t need to watch it. Its simple as that!

    • Ali Baba Kot

      the new episodes are subbed. but not the ones in the middle. lol

  • its so dayum petty ppl are so angry like gosh its just a drama oh my if you dont like dont watch it. its so simple.

  • Sab

    Dramahood, we understand that this drama is fictional, so people should not be upset if they don’t like this drama. But there are some more people like us that like to watch this drama,so kindly make the subs for all the episodes. Thank you!

  • Lacie

    It is getting subbed!!!!!!! Finally!!!! yaaaay

  • bluem

    I can imagine people saying “One-track minded people” or “Don’t like it, don’t watch it, It’s simple”, being non-muslim. I guess if it doesn’t affect you guys, you are alright with it. How about for a change, care about the affected people?