My Mister

나의 아저씨

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My Mister

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Original name나의 아저씨

Synopsis of My Mister

The drama tell the story of three brothers who struggle with their own lives separately, and a woman who is both cold and distant due to the many hardships she faced in her life. Together they learn to enjoy and appreciate life and heal their past wounds.

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Last air date2018-03-22
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusOngoing


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  • kimsg

    love iu will surely watch this drama

  • Imane Ares

    Been waiting for this ❤❤❤

  • haesoo

    finally! it’s here

  • kapoyani

    im at ep2 and this is not how the title made it seem at first glance.
    its not a typical old guy young girl love story. i am happily surprised! very good so far. good at all angles imo

    • llt

      I guess what is considered old for one person is young for another depending on the person’s current age.It is almost a 20 year difference but she is so petite she looks younger. If I could snag a 40 something who is honest and trustworthy like this character I would do it in a heartbeat . (I am 57)

  • Michał Mucha

    I absolutely love this drama. O M G cant wait for new episode !

  • kapoyani

    ep5 when are you coming aaarrrgghh this is why idont like starting ongoing dramas :’)
    hurry hahaha

    • Aleeha Butt

      Y isnt d 6th one out?