Nameless Woman
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Nameless Woman

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Nameless Woman

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Hong Ji-Won (Bae Jong-Ok) grew up at an orphanage. To escape from her poor background, she studied hard and graduated from a prestigious university. She then worked as a secretary at a large company. Finally, Hong Ji-Won married the owner of the company and gave birth to a son. Now, Hong Ji-Won learns that her son has a disease. She decides that she will do anything for her son.

Son Yeo-Ri (Oh Ji-Eun) was raised by wealthy foster parents, but she is abandoned by foster parents and her boyfriend. To protect her child, Son Yeo-Ri goes to prison.

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Episode runtime30 Minutes min
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  • paradox.of.fate

    Whats up with so many of the new dramas having 120 episodes. Dang I’m having a hard enough time keeping up with 16 or 20. lol Anyone seen this one? How is/was it?

    • Mistersir Lii

      Don’t mind 150 or 500 the cast is superbe.

      • paradox.of.fate

        So quality of film/acting is good? Thanks for the heads up.

      • paradox.of.fate

        Glad to hear it. May just have to pick it up. 😉 Thanks…