Oh My Venus

오 마이 비너스

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Oh My Venus

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Original name오 마이 비너스
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Oh My Venus
Oh My Venus

Synopsis of Oh My Venus

Kim Young Ho is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Meanwhile, Kang Joo Eun is 33-years-old lawyer. She has struggled to support her family. Now, she is overweight and challenge her-selves for a diet.

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Firt air date
Last air date2016-01-05
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusEnded


1 Oh My Venus



  • Cathy Ross

    love this drama very much.

  • Sab

    Jo Ji Sub again showed his acting prowess in this drama! Worth watching!

    • ANANDA

      so ji sub played really well in battleship island…Sjk…im little bit dissappointed