Something in the Rain

밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

1 Seasons 16 Episodes

Something in the Rain

General information

Original name밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나


Something in the Rain

Synopsis of Something in the Rain

Explore the relationship of two people as they go from being “just acquaintances” to “a genuine couple” — Yoon Jin Ah, a coffee shop supervisor in her 30s, and Seo Joon Hee, a designer at a video game company who has just returned from working abroad.

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Last air date2018-04-07
Episode runtime60 min
TV StatusOngoing


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  • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

    It looks nice, but Waikiki makes me wanna quit Romance for straight comedy

    • A.e

      I was thinking the same 😂😂 I really enjoyed romance but seeing the comedy of Waikiki is just so much more enjoyable than these dramatic romances

      • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 I was like this the whole time. My mom thought I was going to a folly stage, especially, the scene with Yoon Ah and the presents

      • a.wallflower

        Between I guess it will be subbed late too.. So in the mean time enjoy some comedy😂

    • JustMe

      Sameeee! I feel like im not ready for the commitment of a romance

    • 알라라

      this shit is so cute i fucking love this drama

  • KAY

    woahh I have been waiting for this! Jung Hae In-oppa hahaha I saw him in WYWS and just fell in love. Can’t wait for the sub AHH!!

  • karen

    what’s happening with subs?

  • Jinnie Pooh

    Where are the subs?
    I’ve been looking in many other websites and there isn’t as well

  • Chahida

    Is this drama even going to be subbed?! We’ve been waiting for ages 🙁

  • Chari Dela Cruz

    4th day and still no eng subs i’m crying huhuhuhuhu

  • Sahasra

    where are the eng subs

  • meeemo


  • a.wallflower

    where the subs at 🙁

  • bubbles


  • Yoooo…..! lol when did they change the title from “Pretty noona who buys me food” to this?? I was wondering why I couldn’t find the drama!! lol.

  • crappymanga

    what happned? there were two episodes and i watched them both but now where is episode 2? this is strange…

    • MangoLover

      did they have subs?

  • MangoLover

    any idea if this will be subbed? Dying to watch it 🙁

  • Lala Santos

    Can someone tell me where i can watch this drama with eng sub? Pleeeeease??????

    • Aleeha Butt

      1st ep out on watch asia

  • KAY

    What the fok?

  • Elsa

    why is it not subbed yet? the great seducer is subbed within a few hours

  • Aleeha Butt

    1st epp is subbed on other sites…. dramahood y r u doing this plz u used to b 1st and best i still wanna watch here plz update all the good dramas by catching up with tge subs

  • Feliz Spirit

    I’ve already watched these episodes without eng sub..😂😂 but I’ll watch it again with eng sub..😂😂 cause this drama is soooo.. 😍😍

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel

    This is subbed on AZDrama

  • Vidhya Sridhar

    Why can’t this series ” something in rain” be subbed fast like others?

  • sonia bhukal

    This drama is so GOOD. it’s like beyond good.. I was waiting for such a heartwarming drama.

  • Sahasra

    why are not doing subs for this drama for a week

  • Sahasra

    tempted you added subs with in hours but why didn’t add subs for this drama till 1 week

  • Hanifa Amerol

    My Gosh! You don’t have any plan to put English Subtitle!!!! This Romantic Drama is one of the most recommended. Why it tooks so long to put subtitle.

  • Aljan Onifa

    Sub plssssssss……..

  • prkdramalover


  • ship kun

    Okay guys, so Netflix has the right to this show and I really appreciate dramahood not subbing the drama for that.

    I recently just finished the 6th episode and I definitely recommend people who love a slow pace and lukewarm kinda drama with a lot of melodramas to watch the show.

    The drama started off with a really slow pace narrative, but there’re already so many hints that we’ll see lots of dramas and tears down the road

  • Priyanka Chandra

    Where are the subs 🙁 :@

  • prkdramalover

    Subbed version of Episode 7 and 8 are now available on other sites. So Dramahood maybe adding them here soon!