The Day After We Broke Up

헤어진 다음날

1 Seasons 8 Episodes

The Day After We Broke Up

General information

Original name헤어진 다음날


The Day After We Broke Up
The Day After We Broke Up
The Day After We Broke Up

Synopsis of The Day After We Broke Up

This fantasy drama follows an indie band singer who repeatedly undergoes unwanted time slips and the girlfriend he must save from an unlucky fate.

Release Year
Firt air date
Last air date2016-12-14
TV StatusEnded


1 The Day After We Broke Up


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  • shaco sleepwalker

    is this anygood ?

  • 강한 ~

    worth to watch it ?

    • Urguu Dulguun


    • Urguu Dulguun

      you watch Korea drama defendant ?

      • 강한 ~

        yeaah I watched ! is it similar to the story of this drama ?

      • Andalina Fitri Darmastuti


  • Lacie

    It is not bad at all guys. I personally liked it.


    this is actually the first time I’ve heard this drama (although aired long ago).

    L & the girl, they are on ruler on the mask now!

    • sassygirl989

      Not related to the topic but i so love your username. Imma jinyoung bias too. <3 glad to see u here ahgase!

  • Miau

    ended? but this is a netflix original and it said they were going to get a new season, that’s how I learned of this drama…

    • Azee M

      it’s only 8 episodes?? And, from where did these drama inspired from? SInce it is from netflix. Is there an original drama? From the synopsis it reminds me of The Time traveller’s wife though

      • Miau

        This is a Netflix original, at Netflix is called one more time, it said a new season was to come that’s how I discovered it and started watching it. Usually though Netflix takes a year to take out a new season of their original shows and I think it premiered March or February, so probably by that time next year it will come back, when I first found it the publicity said season 2 coming soon. And yes it is very short first season 🙁

  • Miau

    I liked it, is sad but sweet, I cried buckets but the music and the story are sweet 🙂