The Secret of My Love

내 남자의 비밀

1 Seasons 100 Episodes

The Secret of My Love

General information

Original name내 남자의 비밀


The Secret of My Love

Synopsis of The Secret of My Love

A man desperately wants to be “real,” so he puts on a “real” mask. A woman wants to be loved so much that she throws out her younger sister and replaces her. The drama shows the struggles of these two, man and woman, who look for ways to find true happiness in their lives.

Firt air date
Last air date2017-09-22
Episode runtime40 min
TV StatusEnded


1 The Secret of My Love


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  • Ella

    100 eps??? might as well be 1000 common

    • DyingtobeinKorea

      LOLOL I ain’t gonna watch this one lol

      • Tswechhya

        Haha same here… I don’t have that much patience lol

      • Ella

        I liked the first ep – so yeah so far I am on board as well =) let’s hope they keep up the pace =)

      • Ella

        It’s still too early to tell if it’s any good – I have a 4 ep strike out rule – if it stil sucks within 4 eps then I am out too =)

        • DyingtobeinKorea

          I’m already watching 32 Korean shows, tack on the new ones set to start this week and next, plus US shows are about to air. Omfg and to boot I just got a teaching English gig in exchange for lessons in Korean lol not enough hours in the day Lmao

          • Ella

            BAHAHAHAHA ur awesome, I agree with you – I am the same – tons of new Korean shows – in addition to all the million of eps of chinese drama’s ( only a few british and US shows) and I am an avid reader =) I am too taking classes learning Korean AND Chinese ( cuz heck why not, right) at least I got a teaching job in china next year – so living in Asia soon won’t just be a wish =)
            fighting – we can have a semi normal live while living a fantasy world, right =)

          • DyingtobeinKorea

            LOL All I need now is for money to either grow on trees, or I win the lottery, I lose 30 pounds that magically appeared out of nowhere in the last year and I get on a plane heading toward Korea. Oh and finally getting to meet Taeyang in person. Whoo hoo!! I am not asking for much am I ? LOL

          • Ella

            hahahahahahaha – def. I have to lose weight too – especially since being curvy would mean that i am fat in korea ( or asia in general) – did I mention that I am tall?? hahahaha so my window of oppas I find hawt is rather small since I look for height as well =)
            Also since Ji Chang Wook JUST went to millitary that gives me a little over 1 1/2 years to slim down and learn korean fluently hahahahaha money- schmoney – I’m just betting on my looks lmao

          • A.e

            Omg I feel u sis it’s the same for me ..God I have no time to lose weight and with kdramas where everyone eats delicious food doesn’t really help but you know fuck it YOLO :’D

          • Ella

            hahahahahaha yeah it’s THE worst seing all the yummy food – they eat ALL the time – I love watching kdramas at night – and I really try hard not to eat after 8 pm, but heck I swear I tend to “cheat” on my diets ( yes multiple lol) more often than I like to admit. Damn you Korea and all your yummy foods lol

          • paradox.of.fate

            Sweet!! Congrats!

        • sammy

          mine’s a 2 episode strike out rule and that’s even stretching it. sometimes i drop a drama half way through the first episode and never look back. with my studies and me trying to manage my addiction to Asian dramas (especially Korean), i’m not gonna waste my time on a drama that doesn’t pull me in at the very beginning when i can use that as an opportunity/excuse to leave and go back to my books or bounce off to another new and hopefully promising drama i haven’t seen yet.

          • Ella

            oh I fully agree – however my 2 eps strike put policy is usually applied for American based dramas – sometime when watching a cdrama or kdrama I need a little more time to decide. But yeah if it’s just bad then sure I’ll move on to the next drama – to me chemistry is so important as well as acting skills hahaha and it’s not always easy to find both ( and yeah sure good looking people too lol – it doesn’t hurt =)

  • Shawna Edwards

    nope no more drama over 60 episodes for me! it just becomes a bunch of stupid cliches, and pathetic mess..

  • The Whistler

    Still, got to say I have seen some horrible shows with only 16 eps,

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    @officialdramahood:disqus will you have “Andante” today??