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Episode 14 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub
Air date2018-02-12

Synopsis of A Korean Odyssey Ep 14


  • Taj Wkar

    Here I couldn’t understand ep 13 full N still watching 14 raw.. :v

    • kharmaploy

      these episodes have alot of explanation

    • Favesue

      Go to the Dramabeans website and read the recap for ep 13. It helps.

  • Super chicken

    I would like to see this line. “It was your choice to enslave me, it was my choice to stay enslaved”. Showing SOG had power over the bracelet the whole time and love true love kept him enslaved.

    • Lunae Carmen

      omg can you tell me in which minutes he said this?

      • ThenAgain…

        they said “i would like to see this line” it didn’t actually get said in the drama

        • Lunae Carmen

          I know, it took me awhile to understand…

          • ThenAgain…

            lol me too at first. πŸ™‚

          • Lunae Carmen

            I got excited for a second when I read it lmao

    • Super chicken

      If I was writing for this drama. I would have written this line. It would have encapsulated all his genuine love for her.

  • Cathy Ross

    I cannot wait for the next episode next week. I wonder what will happen to Sam jang… This drama will be over next week. Wow that’s really sad..

    • Asha Phillip

      It doesn’t end next week. The show has 20 episodes

    • nilu

      no, there are 6 more epis to come…

  • Paulina J

    omg omg omg I want to next episode! even if I don’t understand at all πŸ˜€

  • Michiya Minatsuki

    Oh Gong: If we can’t win against the ill-fate, I will be the one who dies
    Seon Mi: So it wasn’t the bell for a match made in heaven but ill-fate bell? Alright, let me be the one to die
    Me: *facepalm*

  • 6 eps more right??? Im still hoping for happy ending

  • Wait…. 16 EPs or 20 EPs?? Seriously i really want happy ending. Or ill write an email how bullshit it is to give us unhappy ending.

  • Ronald Harrington

    Ummmmmmmm….instead of trying to placate her, listen to her, work with her, betray your friends for her, why not just kill her? Plot hole wide enough for a mack truck…

  • Taj Wkar

    JSM proved that she loves Son Oh Gong.. she chose to be asleep in coffin so that she can save him from ill fate btwn them… that tear at last.. I wish SOG too will come to know abt it.. him not telling abt death bell to save her from heartbreak but when enemy seizes such opportunity accidents do happen like this.. πŸ™ She is not selfish.. she doesn’t want him to die becoz of her.. let’s see how monkey will bring out JSM from coffin.. May be new contract abt there won’t be any ill fate btwn them.. πŸ™

    • Nimi

      and i.m searching people who once said, she is so selfish.

      • Taj Wkar

        Yeah … When she didn’t take off his GGG…

        • Nimi

          bcuz she knew he will kill her once she takes it off , his love wasn’t real. anybody will do the same at her place.who wants to die. don’t you think?

          • Taj Wkar

            I will say in simple words.. May be she didn’t want to get killed by her love.. so she said.. she will be careful not to hurt him like this..

  • amanda

    still raw omg both episodes were released at the same time whyyyyyy

  • Foufa Nahla

    Still raw omg wot is happening ?? Really 6 episodes left and it feels the longest to wait 😭

    • ANANDA

      the engsub made me less enjoy this drama πŸ™‚

  • Sindy Springer

    Just kiss her …sleeping beauty awoke from a kissπŸ™ˆ

  • Olympia

    Heartbreaking episode….but it was worth the wait! Love the two of them so much, the way they look each other and kiss is awesome!

  • Yasmeen W

    subb plzzz

  • Sherman Chan

    lmaoo the moment the stair railing shook when secretary ma held onto it :’)

    • paradox.of.fate

      I lol too!

  • Taj Wkar

    It’s funny… how JSM said… b4 GGG she was food.. tasty or not..? Am I chicken?πŸ˜‚

  • Ice cream n soda

    Waiting for some flash backs
    How general frost and asa nyea are related
    Who was the King who ditched her
    For who Son oh Gong was thrown out

  • Nimi

    she saves the kid and he saves her,just wow. now how’s gonna save my heart

  • Why did they stopped giving us previews for the next ep?? Omg this is killing me

  • Yai Mi

    OMFG!! How can the episode had such a sad ending??!! I hate the priestess, i hope Song Oh Gong can save her. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • nei va

    To sum up this drama, they have a really fast moving forward storyline in the first two episode. And then the episodes just slowed down but the 3rd and 4th episodes is still good eventho the peforma isnt like eps 1 and 2. In this state some of us might suspect it is okay, maybe they need a variety and decide to slowed down a bit on behalf of the intense previous eps. The slow and boring plot start to catch us up in eps 5. We realize the monotonous pattern was being repeated. Some of us maybe start to stop watching in this week. But if you stay… It may because 1. You’re Seunggi’s trash, well stay no matter what beeeetch 2. You’re rooting for Samjang and Oh Gong’s love story 3. Or Pal Gye and Buja’s chemistry perhaps? 4. Or even the bickering rivaly slash bromance between a monkey and a bull and another jokes in between ?????

    If you now still watch this episode, I congratulate you bcs yknow the storyline already show a progression and start moving forward (they started in eps 11-12 but no as intense as eps 13-14 this week). Now some of us who previously thought this drama will end next week (in eps 16) may smile a bit cuz they have 20 eps!!!! Thank me later ppl, and check wikipedia or anysite, you’re not hallucinating.

    Now, lets pray they will keep moving on!

    • amanda

      well personally i’m here for seung gi and pal gye and buja esp bu ja i love her to bits and i want her to be okay so bad, it’s kinda like one of those dramas where the support girl outshines the lead, even their love story is more interesting than you know who. as for ma wang he’s kinda annoying me now it was funny and cute at first but nowit’s like he carries the whole comedy burden of the show on himself and it’s become too much plus it wasn’t my kind of comedy to begin with but went along with it coz of the hype, plus his character is super self serving and manipulative and then he tries to act all cute nope nope he lost me a few episodes ago when his true colors really came out, i still like him but his antics need to go down a bit for me it’s overkill. sam jang is just plain frustrating that’s it she is in hr own way and i don’t know why she’s so self destructive like that

  • Qisthine

    At first i thought, maybe song oh gong can call sam jang after what they’re talked at the bar, but.. when he found samjang fainted and he called her name, nothing happened πŸ™
    Song oh gong remember the ring u gave to sam jang! !! maybe u can detect sam jang whereabouts from dat ring. come on!
    i hope that ring has a meaning T_T

    • amanda

      it was just an ordinary ring to make her feel like an ordinary girl, she said those words to him coz he said them to her too it was a gesture if you will but it’s not impossible that the ring could become something more if not their salvation after all they are dealing with artifacts and artifacts like that are made from strong human emotions that’s what gives them that power…………………….i think i heard that theory on a show i watched, Warehouse 13 hahahahaha

    • Lemon

      The ring would probably play a part on how she comes back. kind of like how buja came back for a brief moment because of pal gae, SOG calling out JSM’s name might wake her up or some thing.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Glad to hear they extended it, just hoping that it doesn’t end up like BK where it became a Sharon show. Won’t be having a “Priestess” show. πŸ™ Seriously, if they make the next 3 or 4 episodes all about the her I will go ballistic! Here’s hoping the story is actually played out and keeps a good tempo til the happy ending? Fighting!!

    • amanda

      yep true i’m a bit frustrated with sam jang why does she keep doubting son oh gong like that. she should’ve called him told that priestess that we’ll deal with death together

      • paradox.of.fate

        Agree, seems her character is reverting to the “blond” mode which is a little disappointing. (No offense to the blonds, since I am one!) lol

        • amanda

          hahaahhaahahahahaha blond mode esp when she was so convinced that the death bell was a love one and everyone knew but her ooooooooohhhh i felt embarrassed for her she looked so dumb

          • paradox.of.fate

            Ikr? She came on so strong battling all those evil spirits and is now acting like she doesn’t have a clue about anything, sadly. Hate when the writers discredit the character to this degree. πŸ™

  • amanda

    the wait continues first for the drama and then the subs………………….uuuuurrrrghh life

  • Foufa Nahla

    Is it just me or did they say that Son Oh Gong is a married man??? Ma Wang and his secretary!!

    • Lemon

      yup thats what they said. probably something to do with his past and why he got punished.

  • Lovely😘

    What the hake is this

  • KDrama admirer

    I can’t wait til nxt ep

  • A.e

    You just made my day ommmggggg

  • So basically, the shaman is a woman scorned…lol…here we go.