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Episode 4 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2018-01-07


A Korean Odyssey Ep 4

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  • Moana

    I risked it for ep3 nd i literally ruined my day
    So m not gonna watch it raw
    Until fully subbed i got to have a huge self control.. because this drama is long one which i love but right now i don’t have much of a spare time and i need to sacrifice my sleep😐😐😐 why is life so unfair to me😯😯

    • amanda

      literally just finished watching ep 3 and it’s 2;48 a.m instant regret the zombie idol will be in my dreams tonight

      • Moana

        Lol the way she walks is really cringe worthyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ in the other site its subbed 50% so i tried watching but subs keep disappearing and i know ima going to regret latter 😒

        • amanda

          not worth it I’ll just wait, wonder if her foot will be okay after this

          • Moana

            Oky im gonna ba a little spoiler she will look beautyful nd walk properly…πŸ˜‚ its been subbed 77% in kissasian

          • amanda

            77% sounds promising maybe they’ll be done in a couple more hours

          • amanda

            hahahaha i meant in real life it looked painful the way she walked with a slightly twisted ankle or maybe it’s one of her weird talents you know how people can do weird and gross stuff with their bodies!! LOL

        • STRAWBEARYS1

          so whats the other site…not being disloyal..just curious lol

          • Moana

            Can i say it here?? Lol spam alertπŸ˜‚

  • kjk

    Raw. <3 gonna watch it rawww

  • pikachie

    Here we go again, the long painful wait until this is subbed
    (but thanks to the people who sub it tho!!)

  • Tracy Smith

    HOW CAN THEY MAKE ONE EPISODE BETTER THAN EVERY HOLLYWOOD MOVIE RIGHT NOW. The special effects are wow. they must also put so much work into this creepy ghosts . i really don’t like creepy stuff but the story is must amazing

    • amanda

      like how they keep talking about eating her is tots giving me the creeps it just looks like cannibalism and it’s one of my major fears uuurgh but i love the drama

    • Lemon

      I give props to the editors. They must’ve been so stressed out because of the extremely tight deadline but still managed to give out quality effects.

  • bty db

    Here goes again the long waiting for the subs.

  • seasafira

    I think I gonna watch this drama till the end, I dont remember which drama that OYS starring but I drop her prev drama with Rain

  • Pandora Primark

    Thanks a lot, I really enjoy watching this Korean drama. There is always innovation and mystery and I adore this….but we need subtitles now please !

  • KDrama admirer

    Now we need to wait till it gets sub

  • disqus_cRKB8INl36

    Waiting for subs even though it’s gonna take forever

  • hey!

    I don’t understand why more subbers don’t like this drama. It’s really good. But thank you to those that does sub this drama.

    • amanda

      maybe it’s coz of the length

  • Lilly


  • Lilly

    This Drama keeps on getting better and BETTER Omdssssss

  • Damilola

    I am desperately sad right now…. I need subs and not having it is driving me insane.

  • Kayla

    great now I get to wait for the subs and the next episode :((((( loving life

  • FreeSpirit


  • amanda

    this again will sending money help the situation i’m willing to donate all i have!! keep fighting subbers!!!

  • amanda

    just checking in after 6hrs, still raw starting to get tempted to just watch it raw!!

  • Acidpops101

    Why is it taking them so long to get this subbed!?!? The other dramas get subbed so fast. 😭😭

  • Theju <3

    still raw πŸ™

  • chwee’rawagatel chinkAyoeDewex

    aaahhhh where the sub ?
    l cant wait…


    We had pizza ordered yesterday. The deliciousness and whiff of it had me completely allured and tempted. But guess what?! I had to wait for an hour until my sis got back from her friends place! I literally had to tame my appetite and wait for a freakin huge HOUR!!!!!
    why did i bother to post something like this here??
    I ve become RAVENOUS for this drama so much already that i have to tame my appetite again like yesterdays to not watch it raw nor 85% subbed.
    CAUSE when i did, yesterday, it was like eating pizza without the toppings.

    I writing this this long cause im actually trying to past me time. Ill stop now and go refresh this page and check if it subbed fully or not!!!

  • anti climatic show

  • Zara Theprincess

    ahh..this drama going me crazy


    Yesterday it was 86!! Wheres the 1% ATLEAST😟

    • Aleeha Butt

      Hahaha they rhaving fun tormenting us

    • Minnetter

      since this came from viki, where I was previously a segmenter when they were viiki XD, they probably added segments without subtitles thus meaning that percentage wise there are less translated segments

  • Minnetter

    loved it!

  • bty db

    After all the patience i expected atleast a little bit of romance yaar. N yeah. Here again I gave to wait for another week for the next ep.😒😒

    • Noorul Ain

      yaar dont wait for romance πŸ˜‰ where are you from???

  • cup ramyun

    Son Oh Gong your flirty little smile is making me fall in love with you!

    • amanda

      huh you’re still falling i tumbled over and crashed hard ages ago kkkkkk

      • cup ramyun

        LOOOL, just like Jin Sun-Mi I tried not to be swayed, but his devilish good looks got me in the end *pretends to be shocked*

        • amanda


  • niagirl

    Wow, loving that croc sofa.

  • amanda

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh it ended too soon omg another week WHHHHHYYYYYYY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL,MAKE IT A DAILY DRAMA PLEASE!!!!!
    Ilove the zombie girl hope she stays till the end the way she talks and takes no offence omg i love her to bits, i think they should fix the rotting problem permanently and have her move in with sam jang and get her a job at the office too, she’s cute and it breaks my heart that she was murdered by a politician on top of that!!!!!!!!!i hope her new god friends avenge her in a cool way hahahahaha.

    • rosea7889

      i looove her too, cutest zombie everrr

      • amanda

        i know ryt even the way she talks is funny lol

    • Tracy Smith

      didn’t a report said she was a missing idol . so working for her would make ppl see her. i though the work out demon was one cause of her death because she figured it out or something .

      • amanda

        nah i think it was the politician who rang the bell she said she knew plus she saw him at the gym again after dying, plus it seems like something a politician would do. even as a missing idol she could have a new life by simply saying we look alike but i’m not her it works in dramas a lot

        • Tracy Smith

          I have a feeling he is the one who will open the gate of hell. how does it even work I thought the other guy is Lucifer but someone will open hell . when the guys digged up the whole they talked about her on TV . She possible end up being a target again . the two guys know she is alive . strangely they also walked into the fitness studio which is only for VIPs . and there was so much blood flowing around aren’t there more zobies with her blood πŸ˜‰ If the politican killed her then he is the antichrist who is bringing the war

          • amanda

            interesting theory got me even more excited for next week

  • amanda

    hmm they wrote ep 004 maybe it’s got 120 eps lol. anyone notice how the poster for this drama is almost identical to that of judge vs judge, it’s like they were made by the same person.

  • KAY

    Woww this just keeps me coming back for more! How am I ever gonna survive the week?!

  • Raven M

    it’s been 24 hrs btch i need the full subtitles not that 98% crap

  • rosea7889

    i think the ambience of this drama is similar to the movie ‘sorcerer’s apprentice’s’ , starred nicolas cage. and im always excited about this kind of magical themed dramas/movies 😍

  • paradox.of.fate

    I love Son Oh Gong brother. He’s just so laid back in this role compared to all of his other characters in the last few dramas. He’s just so happy and tells everyone just to chill. lol
    The last 2 minutes omg! “Even if the world falls apart, I’ll protect you”, and look sexy as hell while I do it. πŸ˜‰

  • Kefi1224

    This shit is funny odd and refreshing…. Am not clear where its going at all though…. Seung gi is a treasure, freakin tv gold with that new reality tv aswell

  • Okaybye

    Ahkk.. next week feel so far away 😭

  • Alxda

    i love that zombie or may i say Jin Bu Ja haha, pls let her stay in more few episode or just let permenantly be frozed or whatever hahaha. no wonder she look so familiar she the girl from The Best Hit

  • Nimi

    i was expecting a hug at the end but… πŸ™ :'(

  • Summer Sunshine

    Who’s the actress playing the corpse? Feel like i know her but cannot remember

    • Diksha

      Its lee se young..

  • kDramaPrincess

    Thanks subber-nim
    But the sad realization that this might not end well because one of the 2 leads will be a sacrifice for the world is heart breaking

    • Tracy Smith

      well you forget that he is a god so he could see her in heaven anytime he wants . it doesn’t says she vanishes after she dies . she will be death but he is “death” too

  • Summer Sunshine

    What they did with the sombie was a bit shortsighted… she was murdered, the towel she was wrapped with most likely came from the murdered, and yet they bring her closer to this person’s home environment… plus the gym person ran back earlier than her but she made it back to zombie first?…

  • Summer Sunshine

    I guess i will stay for the laughs and turn off my logic seeking ways haha. I love that samjong is happier now, she wasn’t accepted much by humans but these monsters will now be her family. Darn hat misfortune, why does it have to be war… good thing this isn’t a serious drama because that could make some people there more fearful…

  • NO JAM

    Is the supermarket old woman’s grandson ONE..??

    • yukino yukinoshita


  • Pika

    I love hongkis character XDD
    and yas ones character is evfuivhnsw

  • Kefi1224

    Omo Jaewon u shudnt speak to ur noona like that tehee

  • Kefi1224

    They r previewing world war three?! Good damn its true…south korea better get in talks with the north soon…. Winner oppas lives r in danger.. My Hoony Yoon Jinu Mino

    • cindydoo

      North Korean leaders are all hot air. Having the ability is not the same as having the capacity. The acknowledged countries with nuclear capabilities would not take much to annihilate North Korea(well not North Korea – just their scum leaders). And it’s something that easily could be done without the use of nuclear weapons. Posturing will turn to prostrate.But they are a country and other countries must not interfere with internal affairs. Still, we all wish for new leadership – people arise!!!

  • Athena Gliddon

    I take back anything negative I might have said about this series. I am really enjoying it and now I have to wait a week for my fix.

  • Aleeha Butt

    Gosh i love its osts

  • A.e

    Noooo one week more to wait 😭😭😭

  • Ice cream n soda

    I like the zombie Girl πŸ˜€

  • Asymmetric

    I honestly love this, but their romance I just can’t get into because it’s fake.

  • Omg I wanna see the next ep

  • Mary Ann Reveche Josol

    wow…i love this one! its 5:50 in the morning..:D πŸ˜€ waiting for episode5..

  • cindydoo

    I am kind of wishing the story line would progress and get a little more complex.

    Anyone else watching “just between lovers”? Talk about deep and moving!!!

  • cindydoo

    yawn….getting boring

  • Tanya Chowdhury

    Why does none of the servers allow me to open and watch the video? 😭

  • niszek

    My internet connection is very slow .. Arghhhh