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Episode 6 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2018-04-10

Synopsis of A Poem A Day Ep 6


  • Iwan Ridwan

    Minho start comparing the past and present….just admit that you regret it and make start over again hehehe

  • Mikha

    Wow.. i dunno which one is the male lead ::D but hoping for the best for our bo young :))

  • Anre Jad

    M getting a feeling that its min ho

    • zainab123456


  • krismebaek

    Ye Liner in the house, yo!
    Omgggg the preview for Episode 7!!!!!! /screaaaaaams

  • just Mee

    In love with this drama 😍😍

  • Ronald Harrington

    Look, I understand, he really liked her, and blew, for some stupid reason we are all supposed to believe is valid in the writers eyes, but, why the he’ll is he reading her texts???????

  • Kayla

    I really like min ho… ye seon saeng is funny and al but I like min ho haha

  • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

    I vote for Bo Young!!!

  • Sylv Blak

    Dr. Ye’s personality is so not on, I would really avoid working with him.

  • ship kun

    Ahhh Minho, please don’t cry T__T
    I’m jumping out of Ye Line cruise to support you now

  • Tooba Hussain

    minho really stealing my heart right now

  • Iwan Ridwan

    haha this drama is so fun…. poor minho, just move now already haha.
    this drama is lovely…in one episode it focus to one male lead and in another episode they change focus to another male lead, well that’s confuse to see who should be with bo young hahaha
    i just like tvN romcom drama because it is enjoyable to watch repeatedly, many drama in public tv is so heavy to watch it again

  • Josepha-Michal Walker

    min ho is only liking her because someone else who’s better than he is does. dr woo deserves better than Min Ho and I hope Min Ho learns a lesson from what he did in the past. This is best medicine. Dr woo being happy wth someone who likes her.Revenge would be leaving that hospital marrying Dr Ye and working at Min ho Dad’s hospital as permanent staff.

    • right!! i feel the same way.. i mean minho did look down on her and everything in the past.. he realised it late how nice of a person boyoung is!!!

    • Mahdia

      no, i think he always liked her, but never realised till she’s actually liking another person

      • A.e

        I was thinking the same, I think he’s that kind of person who doesn’t say how he feels and wouldn’t admit it either

  • siruslysyd

    “All men are jealousy incarnate” – Jo JungSuk (as the merman in Legend of the Blue Sea)

    • Mahdia



  • Claira

    I’m starting to feel that Minho may ACTUALLY turn out to be the main lead instead of 2nd lead with all these focal point on him. I’m just thinking there may be a plot twist that in the end they may end up together instead since I really feel that they haven’t given Dr Ye a very focused episode? Lol seeing as how Minho has been the focus since first episode as the main Male opposite Boyoung… I may be wrong but I guess I’ll be prepared for this plot twist at least. :0 But anyways at this moment I’m really rooting for Dr Ye with boyoung and not with Minho because I feel that Dr Ye has always been appreciative of her and noticed all the things she’s done. I think they are a great match though minho really hasn’t gotten there for me. Although he has realised how sweet she was to him, it’s an ideal example of how “you only realise after you lost it” haha. I still think he doesn’t appreciate poems like the other 2 do… so I think as of now, Dr Ye and Boyoung is still the best otp 🧡

    • Claira

      I think this is the only drama where I have to guess who the main and who the 2nd lead is lol.. :”(

      • Iwan Ridwan

        yappp it is depend on how the director and writer actually switch the focus from dr ye and minho in every episode, if they doing it further it will be very confusing to the viewer but also unique haha…especially since the level of popularit and good looking of the two leads are equal so it is becoming even harder to guess lol
        even in discovery of love where there are two leads i already know who is the 1st male lead that actually ends with the female lead.

        • Claira

          I feel like it’s giving me the Reply series vibe from this guessing but a better version since Reply series honestly made the Male leads more obvious :0

    • siruslysyd

      and you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone
      I agreeee. There’s room for character development in both MinHo and Dr. Ye. MinHo with his appreciation for BoYoung and possibly poetry? Dr. Ye in his way of treating people and minor superiority complex 🙃
      I want more focus on Dr. Ye tho tbh
      He’s so cute! I miss that smile from a few episodes ago. I want more!

  • Sayuri


  • ✨Drama Queen✨

    I knew Min Ho was the lead from day 1

  • WeroNoYume

    ahh this drama made me cry again

  • prkdramalover

    I’m not into medical dramas much, but I’m just loving this! <3

  • Nimi

    here statet 2nd lead…. that i like more than main lead.

  • reppinGAalways

    i just started watching this on a whim but i like it so much. i really like her with dr. ye, they are just so cute and i don’t want that other guy ruining it. it’s weird that she does similar things for whoever she likes but it’s funny at the same time.

  • Lillacneth

    Can someone explain to me this phrase” when I do it it’s romance, when others do it it’s adultery” isn’t it supposed to be the other way round ? Like is this a korean phrase?

    • PandaQueenJ

      they are saying it as she is the one who is saying it.

      • Lillacneth

        I still don’t need get it 😭😭😭

    • Aditi

      It’s like when others do something, it’s bad but when I do the same thing, it’s good. She gives excuses for her doing something that she nags others for. I hope this makes it somewhat clear.

  • Nathalia Fernandes

    I really thought the older doctor was the main lead but now I think I was wrong 😵 The important thing here is : DON’T SHIP HER WITH ANYONE GUYS! So we don’t end up bronken-hearted 😉

  • Mahdia

    am i the only one that thinks her crush happening only cause her female work mate told her he likes her? isnt it absurd?

    their “thing” feels so pushed

  • Mahdia

    but if min ho have always been treated badly by his parents, he should’ve fell for her easily, cause she gave him the care he needed or even more lol

  • dori!!

    i feel like minho is more of the first lead because more character even though he had less screentime in the show so far than dr ye

    idek who i should love

  • A.e

    I felt bad for doctor ye because of his broken heart from his love but now I now I feel even worse for min ho because getting hurt by the family, who were supposed to love you no matter what, is, in my opinion, always more heartbreaking.
    So I couldn’t decide who to ship but now min ho got a plus by me 😂

  • nnnneil0929

    Why is server 1 not working??

  • nnnneil0929

    Min-ho must’ve liked Bo-young in the past? Maybe something may have gotten his way?