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Episode 10

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Episode TitleEpisode 10
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 10

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 10


  • asuna kirito

    i am sorta a new user ,Does anyone noe wen d subtitles for this will be out …..

    • Kira

      Subs are up! They usually upload subs between 3-4am kst (so about 4-5hours after the drama airs in Korea)

  • #TwinHawa

    09:30-09:49 That was really creepy lol!

    • JA

      true but he’s such a good actor! (also ur icon is the best hobi pic ever taken)

      • #TwinHawa

        Agree he always amazes me with his acting! I agree for the picture too lol he looks very charismatic and handsome and mysterious at the same time, I can’t really explain haha but yeah that’s why I chose it 😉 🙂

    • Detective K

      Haha was thinking the same when that part came on. I was like uhhmmm… crazy anime character 101.

  • YallPlayaHatersUShloudLvYrslf

    This kid is definitely creepier than his father or anybody else in this drama ?

  • Stella

    I hope he doesn’t hurt dat girl. I don’t know why she like the boy so much.

  • iWatson

    My poor baby TT_TT

  • paradox.of.fate

    Well at least they found his mother, which will give him some closure, but how heartbreaking for him. 🙁