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Episode 11

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Episode TitleEpisode 11
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 11

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 11


  • FreeSpirit


  • spmxoxo

    Lol that smirk when Soo Ji finds them, she totally ships them too! Haha <3

  • spmxoxo

    Please let the team leader’s daughter understand before its tooo late ahhhh

  • Stella

    She will not understand now but when it has happened

    • Cherry Ann Caballero

      yeah!! Im sure she would discover herself what Shi-wan’s true color is…

  • iWatson

    Ugh i’m finding that school girl so pathetic!
    That drawing….the kid is a psycho on another level…
    Kyungsoo and Bomi KYAAHHHH cutest couple~~~

    • Cherry Ann Caballero

      Shi-wan is a total psychopath… ? I just wish that what happened to Yu-na would never be happen again..she maybe hurt but not to the point that she’s going to die. I want to think that SHE could be a key for that psychopath arrest..

      • iWatson

        Yeah i’m hoping it doesn’t take too long for the high school girl to realise his evil ways…and then she could be of help for her mum and Soo Ji to get him

        • Cherry Ann Caballero

          yeah!! she’s so naive and loner that’s why she got easily swayed by him. . ?
          I literally covered Shi-wan’s face while watching their scene… my blood boils whenever I see him ??

          • iWatson

            I know…but i don’t exactly get why! She may not have friends but she sure knows the boy does! He’s always surrounded by his friends and is popular with the girls for being good looking, so why does she believe his lies and think he can relate to her?

            Hahaha i don’t blame you, he’s super irritating!

          • Cherry Ann Caballero

            true!! and if I were her since she felt alone and no one wants to be friend with her I would just change school…. I remember when her mother asked her if she wants to transfer to another school but she refused and now that was her argument to Soo-ji that she has no friend but Si-wan, that he can understand her….. ??

  • Comfort-Lucia Ajene

    please can someone recommend any other new dramas that are not so popular but interesting as well :):):) ^.^

    • lorepottter

      what kind of drama are you looking? thriler? romantic?

      • Comfort-Lucia Ajene

        any kind of drama that has an interesting story line
        i’ve started almost all the new ones that have come out tho
        i’m just looking to see if there’s any one i missed
        even if its from last year too

    • iWatson

      From this year, 2 dramas i really liked were ‘Defendant’ and ‘Voice’- both are thrillers!

  • 매디

    I know this won’t happen but I’m SHIPPING the detective and the leader so freaking bad and obviously kyungsoo and bomi ❤️❤️I love this drama ??

  • Jisoo

    This drama is so good. Man I just want them to catch that guy already. He’s a freaking psychopath, jinjja!!

  • paradox.of.fate

    Well we all new that was going to happen, right? Why would he inform the Chief Prosecutor that his phone had the recordings? Come on, hes way to smart to show all of his cards in the middle of the game.