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Episode 12

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Episode TitleEpisode 12
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 12

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  • seasafira

    test server please TT

  • stellapebble

    Finally thanks dramahood

  • Hohoho

    Yesss! I don’t see the announcer

  • stellapebble

    so funny DongMan make sure the bed is in a good shape lol

    • Ikr I noticed that it was so funny

  • stellapebble

    Thank you for the sub yay!!!

  • ShoRyuu

    I feel bad for sul hee. IT never feels good to know a bf/gf to sleep over at another girl/guy’s house without telling. She did a good job at standing up for herself and splash that water on her!

  • Awww!!!! Loved the episode!

  • spmxoxo

    My heart breaks for Sul Hee

    • Mamley Quartey

      She should dump that idiot for a better man

    • stellapebble

      the tears lol

  • 문성희

    oh my god they didn’t!!!! they just used the MacGyver theme as the bgm i’m LOL

  • stellapebble

    bravo writer-nim you make SulHees lines engraved into YeJins bones love it.those are the lines i was hoping for to slap in Yejins face.SulHee fighting!

  • stellapebble

    DM& AR this two hot blooded punks killing me of cuteness.

    • Grin Ripper

      Me too!!! lol!!! I just can’t stop laughing at that part LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  • Lucy
  • JustMe

    FINALLY SULHEE STOOD UP!! Great epiaode although i didnt get to see enough of Ae Ra :'(

    • JustMe

      Whatttt and the villa lady called dong Man’s dad oppa??? What could that mean?

      • Grin Ripper

        I thought she’s either DM or AR’s mom for some reasons cause she’s quite suspicious, she’s helping them quietly but that Nam Il just popped out of no where. Though, it doesn’t make sense that she’s DM’s mom cause we all knew who his mom was… unless….

  • Sarah Baluta

    Sul Hee is sticking up for herself and that makes me so happy. Yeah, her and Man were cute, but now he’s gonna learn that his actions have consequences and she’ll have the opportunity to mature a bit and gain self-reliance. Also so excited for Ae Ra and Dong Man!!!

  • Amulya Kolusu

    aboji, din’t you know, DM takes after you. I think this will be my favourite episode for many things, AR expressing her love for DM freely, DM deciding to go on full with the MMA to get over his past regrets, JM realising his wrong and SH’s value in his life, SH finally raising her voice and taking a stand for herself, lastly I got the wonderful confession “saranghae.” This series is pushing a wonderful concept, it doesn’t really matter even if you’re born mediocre if you have wonderful people in your life and also if you are being the same to the people in your life while chasing your dreams with all your strength, makes your life truly worth-living.

  • 알라라

    because of the comments i’m going to stop watching a movie and watch this now. I actually wanted to watch this at school but yeah cant wait

  • 알라라

    5:50 i’m so done omg the bed part what is this hahah

  • 알라라

    omg since when am i a damn cry baby when sul hee said those words…i was so happy because she said it but i was so sad because i know how much he means to her omg my heart skipped a beat

  • 문성희

    This episode made me totally miss my parents so bad. You know how you often argue with your parents because they insist stuff on you or tell you otherwise but at the end of the day they want you to be better versions of yourselves & they will support you all the way? When Dongman’s dad said “you guys are my dream” it really melted my heart; when they had the talk on the bench I’m tearing up & by the time his dad left him money and told him to buy a new chair I’m already crying while typing this I couldn’t even see the screen properly. The story is so simple but it tugs the heart and boy I can relate so hard.

    • Grin Ripper

      TRUE!!! Dong Man’s scenes with his dad touched my heart to bits…

  • Grin Ripper

    I’m so glad I checked out this drama and I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not just all about love, you will also get a glimpse of life’s reality, of how cruel and sweet it gets. I also love this episode, oh that scene when they cuddled was the sweetest!!! I just love how blunt they are and how gentleman DM was but I really hope DM informed his dad that he’s dating AR. And finally, Sul Hee grew the nerve to let go of JM’s hand (I believe they both needed that esp SH) and confront that brat… I honestly love that scene from the cafe and wishing that it’s warm coffee that she threw at rather than tap water… anyway she deserves it for acting all so innocent while actually trying to steal her man (UGH!!! THE NERVE OF THOSE WOMAN!!! GRRRRRRR!!!) Way to go Sul Hee!!!!!! There’s more to life than just being tied to a man who thinks you’re boring!!!

  • Dong man is boyfriend goals

    • Grin Ripper

      IKR? hahahah!!!! where can we find such man?

    • 문성희

      But then again, every kdrama male lead is boyfriend goals hahaha!

  • 문성희

    Seriously, what is this that’s popping out on the screen the whole time I was watching? LMAO

    • YallPlayaHatersUShloudLvYrslf

      I’m wondering too, if someone understand please tell us ?

  • Alegna Saw Acalud

    This episode made me realized that though how many times I fought with my father it can never be denied that he is the one who stand up with me during my tough times . I love u tatay!!!!!

    • Grin Ripper

      I had the same thoughts… I thank this episode for this reminder… ( T_T)
      our tatays may annoy the sh*t out of us most of the time but that’s just their way of helping us grow and realize of who we really are

  • KAY

    Even if her feelings were sincere she’s still using all the, wrong methods. Good job Sul Hee I almost cried!

  • followmegeneralkim

    I adore the subtle change from abeoji to appa during their conversation. Its really heartwarming to see them finally communicating.

  • Dei Manatad

    They are all driving me crazy! I was laughing and crying the whole episode. This will be one of my favorite episodes in this drama. I adore how they show their strengths and weaknesses to every situation. Mixed emotions but loving it all.. getting more and more hooked. ❤️ I want to congratulate in advance all of the staff and actors. Great job up to this time.

  • well you dont see these kind of couple relationships in kdrama these days/back .more realistic. its satisfying to see two friends try to bond as a couple lol

  • i cannot believe he fixed the bed.

  • 데릴

    Does anyone else question the food that’s always left outside that one house. It’s the second time they focused on it. I assume its the announcer if I mapped out everyone’s homes correctly. It also started after she moved in. What’s going on?!?!

  • Aysha Binte Amin

    I dont want anything to mess Dong Man & Ae Ra up!!! Please let them have their cute crazy moments. Also, Sul Hee is so beautiful & strong <3 I love you for standing up for yourself, gave me courage.

  • Wait is that a porn ad link in the beginning ?

  • Admin A

    You go Sul Hee! There’s more to life than having it revolve over a man.

  • awwww he was cute in the end. BUT THE PREVIEW THO!!! WHO IS U WOMAN

  • TripleA

    ok I’m going to need Sulhee to find herself a hot as man that treats her well and isn’t afraid to show her off to the rest of the world and is able bring out her friskyyy side loool!!

  • Ma Lourdes Angel Garcia

    I think the landlady is Ae Ra’s mom…

    • sweet periwinkle

      that’s what I thought at first too but now I think Dong Man is her son. She also said that she came back for her son in the previous epi and she knows Dong Man’s dad..

  • Duhwanderer

    This episode hit me home. All the way home. :((((( I cried so much.

  • carmz

    fighting sul hee!!love this episode❤️

  • kez

    so this happens to be the 12th episode, if there is a chance for a rematch I chose to believe DM will be beaten up.
    It is a good thing we get to see the sister I just hope she could speak up at times, she must have a lot to say.
    Two very important things,
    Someone please explain who the pd guy is that gets worked up all the time when around Ae ra, and,
    I really like the Landlady/House owner. ???

  • LadyKwon

    Sul Hee! you go girlllll….. strut it. cant wait fr her to do a makeover.

  • LadyKwon

    Dongman scene with his dad threatened my tears to flow. Tis is the drama. after goblin tat cn make u laugh n cry in one episode.

  • Ricky Matthews

    Aww you two made me cry I hope it turns out well next week ?

  • lalailao
  • PinkWig BlueEyes

    Omg I was scared that dramahood is not working anymore? Waiting for the best ep