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Episode 15

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Episode TitleEpisode 15
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 15

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  • jmae

    awesome …thank u subber

  • jmae

    i seriously like that hanjoo family was so excited to meet eunbyul but then tsk i feel like this eunbyul mom wont like hanjoo

  • Ricky Matthews

    They both gonna be brothers in law very soon

  • Fatmata Kamara

    Grandma wants the details, hahaha. I really like the actress

    • mojaslatka

      She will be double happy when she will meet EunByul as the girlfriend for sure. Yeah, it was really funny how she even waited for Hanjoo to come out of the bathroom to continue with details hahaha

  • ☆ Z. ☆

    Eunbyul’s mom would make a fuss when she founds out about Han Joo ugh.. the grandma is so cute haha

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    @@officialdramahood:disqus Why do you keep putting a “test” link if it doesn’t work?? Just please fix your servers and stop using openload which doesn’t work. I barely use your site anymore becuz none of the links work on the older shows that I want to watch, and all the new shows are with openload Very unhappy

  • dietmntndew

    I like eunbyul so much that i want things to go so well for her here that I started looking into the actress for comfort. Turns out she’s an idol. And as far I know, their group had all the potential to be at the top as well (theyve been together for so long and not that im saying theyre not top tier but it could be better for them, idk SNSD level, maybe?) but a bullying scandal has been pulling them back. And with what ive been reading the the girls were branded as bullies and whatnot by a former member – which got korea’s sympathy etc etc and support for them drastically dropped. Even when they did try to defend themselves, nobody listened… And to my surprise i like that former member as an actress!! I saw her in Age of Youth and thought she was really good. Although i did think it was too shady of her to suddenly talk about a dead issue in a recent interview ? Dont get me wrong i still like her as an actress and I still feel bad that she might not get too much exposure for the AoY 2nd season. (Watch Age of Youth if you haven’t already – totally worth the binge) Moooving on, no wonder I see comments about how everyone was so excited about the female lead and that there’s a comeback for T-ara winning etc (not much into kpop but tbh kdrama is starting to pull me closer ?)

    Well anyway, what im trying to say is that I feel so damned because the character is having it rough (probably for a hundred more episodes) and the actress herself has had it hard too. Lol at my korean-heart ?

    To T-ara’s queens out there… Keep it together!! Fighting!!

    • Sun

      Thank you for supporting T-ara and Eunjung unnie ( Eun Byul). About the scandal, it’ve made T-ara and Queen’s hurt a lot, I used to think person who made a fake clip ( it ruined T-ara career) and people who have believed in it are stupid^^ (I were not T-ara fan at that time, when I watched this clip, i knew it was cut and made by someone). But now, i think thank to this scandal, we know my idols are strong (Maybe they are not the strongest, but to queen’s they are bravest). I think you know why they cried a lot when they got No.1. Besides the trophy, the moment when fans and T-ara cried together is more valuable, i think. About Hwayoung, she is talent, we know, but it is hard for us to accept her, However, we will try^^. Btw thank you.

      • dietmntndew

        Yeah theyre pretty solid to go through it. I read somewhere that Eunjung even said that they know people dont like them and theyre not sure if theyll recieve love with the comeback and all but theyll be trying their best. So good to see how they are grateful instead of being dramaqueens. I saw that video where they won! And one member even said that they always stand at the back because they never expect to win at anything but since they were nominated they stood in front and they all started bawling when they did because they couldnt believe it. Eunjung wasnt at the awarding bc she was filmin for this show right? And yeah hwayoung, she stabbed the whole fandom to comatose, she got talent alright (she is charismatically likeable idk bc maybe she resembles a bit of Park Shin Hye and Suzy) but I hope she matured from what happened so all those talent dont Have to go to waste bc of her bad personality (w/c i dont think so bc shes playing her victim card in that Taxi show)

        If you come and think about it, “What’s My Name” could be adressed to audiences who refused to recognize them for who they truly are. Lol.

    • jmae

      they were still on top maybe not in korea but they were famous in china and still earning almost same with snsd heheh they never lost work even they have scandal that accused them bad but now everything went well cause people realized they were actually nice people

    • jmae

      and btw her group was produced originally as an actresses when they were young,eunjung herself is a child start u notice she is natural when acting no awkwardness and they were product of famous company MNET who own by CJ who is actually much bigger than those big 3 agency in korea..before totally transfer to their company who handle them until now they were supposed to be a ballad group but end up they were made into a dance group to rival those days with 2ne1..WG and SNSD

      • dietmntndew

        Ahh no wonder she acts naturally. Ive been watching their videos and Eunjung in this show and I thought she was doing so well with both. Is WG wondergirls? And even though they made money with international fans, I still feel bad for them that they didnt do so well in Korea the past years because of the scandal. I mean, mustve been super hard that your own people, literally your own language speaking people, dont support you at all. I heard a Chinese Agency is signing them after their current contract expires. Happy that things are turning around for them!

    • mojaslatka

      Thank you for looking into her. Actually, that’s how I knew about her from Coffee House coz she’s a good actress. All members from the group are all good actresses. And thank you for getting the real story of the group. They had suffered really hard especially for Eunjung coz she got kicked out of her first lead drama and her WGM show and lost so many offers because of scandal. But the group remained strong and continued on until now. All we hope now is for the girls to have a fresh start with love from public after the truth has been revealed.

      • dietmntndew

        Wow now i feel even worse for her knowing that she lost sooo much. And also I appreciate Eunjung (and Tara) more now because even though things were really hard they kept it together, you know? The first old articles I read were about Tara being bullies but I thought it was shady because the members are literally still together presently except for the other two whose contract ended.

        • mojaslatka

          Even the other 2 didn’t want to leave T-ara. They couldn’t promote with other 4 because of contract with agency but we believe that their hearts are with T-ara.

          Eunjung and the other members, they are good actresses. But because of their reputation, it was hard to get a role. The PD of this drama said he wanted to cast Eunjung for a long time but couldn’t. But as soon as the scandal was cleared and truth revealed, he got that chance and he cast Eunjung right away.

          I really hope more production co will give them chance now and people will open their hearts again. We know it won’t happen overnight. But surely the dawn will come.

  • FreeSpirit

    The awkwardness at the cinemas ??
    The couple r just too CUTE ❤️

  • tze.h

    link for episode 15 is not available?

  • Mano

    I’m so excited for the meeting of eunbyul and the grandmother >_< the grandmother is so cute

  • JoJo

    Can you imagine the family interaction when Eun Byul and Han Joo gets married and have to be around Min Ho and Geum? Its going to be crazy. Not counting how Eun Byul is going to be made to be the bad guy for seen Han Joo. The cinema scene though was so on point with the way they reacted. I love to see Han Joo and Eun Byul spending time together. I also love how Han Joo was expecting a kiss when Eun Byul was going back inside her house. He is so smitten.

  • mojaslatka

    Hahaha, i had so many LOL moments in this episode and cutie loveydovey of EunJoo couple. Love it. Ok now, Minho knows about Hanjoo, what will he do?