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Episode 18

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Episode TitleEpisode 18
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 18

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 18


  • Trackline Team

    thank you so much. I love this drama.

  • mojaslatka

    Yay, sub is here. I’m angry at Minho. Leave Hanjoo alone you cheater.

    Good to know EB’s father was there to bring Hanjoo home.

  • ShoRyuu

    Wow his reason was because he is Eun Buyl’s brother in law to stop the taekwendo performance.He needs to fkig get over it jesus christ. Part of me wants his mother make them divorce just make Min Ho feel miserable

  • 매디

    Minho that rich cheating brat ugh him and his wife make a wonderfully evil couple that even Satan cant beat

  • iliana

    I think the car accident where Bo Ra was injured happened at the same time Soo Hyang’s husband died & it involves Chang Wook as well. We just don’t know who was driving. If it involved another car as well, or they or another family member or friend was the driver responsible.

  • Ricky Matthews

    Girl that is straight up bullshit

  • coco_mamii

    wow really she even went to that extent just for money!
    stupid girl!! she really has no self respect for herself. So lame.