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Episode 2 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-06-06


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 2

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 2


  • jmae
  • ninie43

    omg..geum byul are really annoying.. its nice cause eunbyul not losing too..hehe

  • Anggun M88

    I’ll enjoy this drama till the last eps
    Btw thank you for sub ???

  • jmae

    Lmao geumbyul u evil unnie haha well looks like our eunbyul wont let her unnie do as she like ? fighting eunbyulaaaa get that work no matter what hehe

  • imee depedro

    i like eunjung acting very natural..funny eunjung here

  • RChua

    Eun Byul does really have a mean and selfish sister. A lazy one at that. Poor Min Ho to be marrying her. He had chosen the wrong twin for his bride.

  • Quan

    wow baek a yeon song already in this drama?

  • mojaslatka

    Wow, that Geum Byul is so selfish. What? she wants to cut her only sister out after getting married? I’m just glad Eun Byul is not taking it silently. Looks like she will disobey her sister and call Chairman herself. Hahaha. Can’t wait what will happen next.

  • dietmntndew

    Hate how Geum-Byul feels so privileged and superior towards Eun-Byul! Also hate the mom for not giving Eun-Byul enough love and attention. I can sense when the family clash happens their mom would pretty much beg EB to back off and let GB and her in-laws win. Damn it!

    On a lighter note, they actually could pass as twins lol

  • Ricky Matthews

    I knew that was Jaehyun from N flying I just wasn’t so sure

  • Mish mish

    Eunbyul…kick your unnie’s ass!!! Fighting!!