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Episode 20 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 20 Engsub
Air date2017-06-30


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 20

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  • stellapebble

    finally been trying.thank you

  • samgoes2korea

    I am not able to watch. Apparently the player openload has been blocked in my country. Would it be possible to upload another player?

    • diamond

      try in another browser

  • Ice cream n soda

    What happened to testk

  • 5th

  • the meat (ep) is raw

  • Hannah Miranda

    how long should i wait before they upload the subtitles?..

  • sonia bhukal

    please upload the subtitles :'(

    • Nor Syahida Zawawi

      Yeah just finished ruler of master..going to see this now..hehe

      • sonia bhukal

        im waiting for the subtitles from past 2 hours .

        • Nor Syahida Zawawi

          Fighting ?

        • Nor Syahida Zawawi

          Its out..lets watch

          • sonia bhukal

            yessss :))

    • Rhea Kaur Majithia

      I feel ya girl 🙁

      • sonia bhukal


  • Nor Syahida Zawawi

    Thank u dramahood

  • stellapebble

    felt bad for BongHee when she try to give a morning kiss and JiWook avoided it.she convince herself its because of the juice she made. ouchhhhhh!!!!!!

  • Ohh this is what i hate in drama why just not try to talk about it and understand things this episode killing me

  • JustMe

    I swear if their relationship gets bitter cuz of jiwook thinks her dad’s the arsonist….

  • ayy

    they fucc and now it succs

  • FreeSpirit

    Feel really bad for BH ?

  • ShoRyuu

    Aw, HJ had to break up so EB doesnt suffer. He made the best decision yet sad one.

  • disqus_Me3pxeS3g0

    nooo… i’m cry

  • JoJo

    Our star crossed lovers are under attack. The episodes ahead are going to be so painful to watch. Hope they fight for their love.

  • Mano

    aah I hate this 🙁
    minho is such a loser ..

  • InfiredKookieMonster

    i was so suprised when EB ask HJ to marry her (you go girl) but when HJ broke up with her my heart dropped i really thought HJ would have fought for her (but its all good since they will end up together in the end).
    MH is such a loser why tf is he so petty he doing all this just because he knows HJ was right and he cant accept that HJ is better than him . I cant wait until the whole suseongjae thing blows up in their faces ( probably not till the next 90 episodes though) . i am too emotionally invested to this drama someone send help

    • Fatmata Kamara

      There is no help for such case but don´t worry you are not alone.

    • mojaslatka

      You are not alone hahaha. I am so invested that i literally punched my screen on Minho’s scheme to discredit Hanjoo’s gym. My feelings all over the place with this drama. Hahaha


    At the end of the day they will still end up gonna marry hahah but then i hate hanjoo ..eunbyul indeed deserve better tsk

    • mojaslatka

      I know he should fight for EunByul but i can understand his position too. He’s at that crossroad. But then it’s a cliffhanger so maybe it will be different on Monday. We will see. Ahh I can’t wait for Monday night.

  • Fatmata Kamara

    I can´t stand the mom anymore, how can she acts this way? I know money is good and all but seriously act like a real mother for once. Why did their father marry her? they are so not fit. (their personality)

  • mojaslatka

    Hanjooo, pls No. I know it’s a lot on your plate and i know many will suffer coz of this. But it’s not your fault. It’s rotten Minho’s. I despise Minho and his evil ways. His family except JiHo are the same. Good GB is suffering a bit. But it’s nothing compare to what EB and now HJ are suffering.

    Please writers, don’t let this suffering last long.
    EunJoo fighting.

  • Queens_Shay

    She has a horrible family. I feel so bad for her. I’m gonna cry ?

  • Queens_Shay

    She has a horrible family! I’m crying ?