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Episode 6

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Episode TitleEpisode 6
Air date2017-06-09


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 6

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  • Cindy

    first!!! <3

  • Christy Anthonetha


  • Jinoppaslays

    Wating for the subs is killing me….aghh….

  • Christy Anthonetha

    i think they’re going to sub the “my sassy grl” first…

    • Jinoppaslays

      Never mind then. I’ll just watch it raw…

      • Feyra Abelle

        This is me every time lol

    • 알라라

      is someone watching my sassy girl? if yes is it good? somehow lately every drama i’m not interested in gets subbed first lol

      • Amulya Kolusu

        Its watchable, it was funny for the 1st 2-3 weeks and now the actual story has started…

      • Regina

        It’s so boring! I watched the first episodes but then I gave up.

        Between the ongoing dramas the interesting ones in my opinion are:
        Fight my way
        Seven days queen
        Princess agents

        • 알라라

          Ok i don’t know what princess agents is but yes seven days a queen is really good. I also like circle, the best hit and kind of Lookout but that’s a little boring

  • 문성희

    i cracked up when aera came out looking all pretty and girly and dongman told her to go back inside and change coz she looks all pretty and girly hahahaha

  • 문성희

    I was just smiling the whole 1st half of this episode. Ah Dongman is so in love. ^^

  • stellapebble

    thanks for the sub dramahood.

  • stellapebble

    i hate Sulhees rival she posted that Mr.Kim and her driving her back home says together so horrible.but he tried his best not to fall.

    • gaurav

      Yes but I love the actress playing the role of ye jin.

      • stellapebble

        Dont worry not the actress itself .character herself lol

    • Grin Ripper

      True!!!! In all fairness to Joo Man he’s doing the best he could to stay out of her and remain faithful to SH, that girl’s the real b*tch! Her and that ex GF of DM… I just want to push them both off the cliff in one go HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • stellapebble

        Im in lol

  • stellapebble

    DongMan and AeRa so cute they are so defensive to each other the fact that they are much in love to each so adorable.love the whole episode esp when they are at the rooftop,bus,at DongMans room lol. cuteness overload.

  • Lucy


  • Akra Acksu

    This is so sweet! 🙂 I was laughing during the whole time 🙂


    omggg they so cute ,ko dong man and Ae ra….omo omo ko dong man’s last words hahah its getting hot in here….as i wait for the next episode

  • 문성희

    lately kdramas have been straightforward with relationships between a guy and a girl and it’s perfectly natural i mean how can one resist the impulse to do so when all you can think about is the opposite sex? here dongman was like “all i can think about is your lips” & when you are really attracted to someone that’s just it, you want to kiss and hug and cuddle and be with this person 24/7

    • FoxVanilla

      yeah we’re all animals after all muahahaha

    • Grin Ripper

      I find this kdrama rather cheesy and I like it HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • 문성희

        C’mon I hate cheesiness but I admit we need cheesy stuff once in a while haha!

        • Grin Ripper

          I hate to admit it but it’s true hahahahah!!!

  • 알라라

    BESt drama with bts

  • JA

    im so happy that “bultaoreune” is Dong Man’s official fight/entrace song!!!!!!!!

    • #TwinHawa

      Yeah me too the song suits him well!

    • YallPlayaHatersUShloudLvYrslf

      Yeah it suits him well ??

  • Dong mannnnn ?? boyfriend material~~

  • KAY

    When did my Dong Man grew up? I’m so proud of him like a real mother.

  • FoxVanilla

    i really ROFL when aera was trying her cage announcement test hahahaha

  • A.e

    I love that the both acting like a couple and still like the best friends they were before. It wouldn’t be good if they be acting like a couple that came together recently so I love it that way ??

  • hyde

    Fireeee ohh

  • Roma Abella Salvador Manguera

    OMG!Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra are really adorable… “?if it’s all or nothing , then let’s do it all”…,hahaha,what a line Dong Man…ha!Dong Man,now you know you are her first love and the wrist guy,you should be good to her.I hope they will not experience hardship away from each other… For me they can conquer all if they are together… Prove to Hye Ran the witch that you’ll not regret being together… I love how they express their feelings for each other honestly….excited for the next episode again..,. Fighting best friend turn to lovers!!!!




  • disqus_cRKB8INl36

    bts ?

  • A Man

    that last line though

  • Mishawl Malik

    Ahh . The new characte Nam il is so cute nd handsome .. Strangely I find Tak su cute also ! Lol
    #Fire #BTS

  • collins13

    @officialdramahood when will the local server be operational?

  • Paula Francisca

    he’s !!! so !!! cute !!! saying “popo” at the end !!! AAHHH IM DYING THIS DRAMA IS THE CUTEST THING EVER !!

  • Mias Lee

    Guyz I think ko dong man z the son of the landlady

  • WtfIsLife

    i want that new guy to be with Sul Hee. Goo Man is stressing the shit out of me

    • Vathma Kalhari

      omg, what if that actually happens? I reckon he’s a nice guy that suits Sul Hee although he seemed like arrogant on teh stairs to Ae Ra.

      • WtfIsLife

        that would be epic!! i mean just imagine them together ?

  • Christy Anthonetha


  • Dei Manatad

    BTS’ fire is Dong Man’s background song for his fight entrance. ?❤️?

    This episode has so much ppopo scenes and supposed to be really romantic and all but why is it so cutesy and funny ?☺️☺️ loving all of them, really.. ❤️

    Sul Hee and Jong Man is showing what and how long-term couples really is. Struggles, the change of pacing.. oh well.. hoping they’ll end up together

  • Ricky Matthews

    That landlady is very strange but i love dong man and Ae-Ra are very cute and I also thought that was the guy from Chicago typewriter