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Episode 62 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 62 Engsub
Air date2017-09-04


All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 62

Synopsis of All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law Ep 62


  • mojaslatka

    Wow, this episode was so heartbreaking. When EB asked if her mom knows what she likes, EB’s cry, the distance when her mom said take care. I couldn’t stop crying.
    Also, when GB said how she was hurt by EB because she was jealous that EB gets to have friends, play sports etc while she was always in hospital and sick. I feel a bit sorry for her. But what now? she wants Sugeongae house for alimony??

  • JoJo

    This a very sad and funny episode with Min Ho getting drunk. Geum Byul wanting Suseongjae is hilarious. She has no children with Min Ho to have some sort of permanent ties to be able to claim Suseongjae.Eun Byul must feel like tearing her hair out with such a clinging pathetic family. They mistreat her, but at the same time does not want her to be independent from them.