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Episode 3 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2017-10-23


Avengers Social Club Ep 3

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  • Ve

    I think it is fresh story… Serious and hillarious at the same time. I don’t know what reason the subbers don’t sub it. Please!!! It is first time i comment here…

  • Lunae Carmen

    Ah… This drama deserves more!

  • Lila O

    sub please…

  • Supriya Chutkae

    i agree this is such a fresh topic please subs

  • newbooks

    guys do you know if it is subbed here or not?

  • paradox.of.fate

    Lets hope it doesn’t take a week for subs on this episode. I’m loving this drama!

  • Bellacarolina

    it’s still raw 🙁

  • Bellacarolina

    Where’s the Engsub? :((((

  • rss

    please sub! we need fast subbers for this drama

  • Lila O

    still raw… sub please 🙁

    • M.Drama

      subs are out

      • Lila O

        thank u 🙂

  • Tala needs Lilly ✨

    I come here everyday since it was released and it is still not subbed. Please sub this amazing drama asap.

    • M.Drama

      subs are out!

      • Joseph Stalin

        By any chance you know who subs these , and why is late beside the netflix thing ?

        • M.Drama

          I actually don’t know who they are, just happend to refresh the page when it got subbed

  • M.Drama

    yaaay subs!!!!!

  • newbooks

    subbing club thank you

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    Yes it is subbed. Who ever you are thank you and please sub ep 4 aswell.

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    To be honest at this point they need the kids help. They are so clumsy that they cant do any type of revenge,

  • Ve

    Yes, thanks subbersss!!!

  • Ve

    Thanks subbersss!!!

  • paradox.of.fate

    I am loving these ladies! Wished I could be apart of the club!! hahaha They are so cute even when the bumble a plan. lol Hope the subs for the next episode come out soon, it will be at the top to watch. 😉

  • iffah

    thank you for the subs!!!!

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    LOL how long are they gonna keep playing Sirtaki (Zorba The Greek) music in the cafe?? It’s in every ep now