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Episode 10 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 10 Engsub
Air date2017-11-12


Black Ep 10

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  • KDrama admirer

    Go for a raw now

  • Noeme

    Watching it even though it’s not sub yet 😁 I just can’t wait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • shooo sho

    Please I want to see quality 720p

    • Daebak Mada

      use openload server

      • shooo sho

        it’s not 720p >.<

  • how was e able to see joons memories

    • Peg02

      Maybe 444 is Joon and took control of Han Moo-Gang’s body to reveal the truth

      • IchigoPL

        I think grim reaper is joon. It’s clear that mom is hiding something. And when they showed the hit-and-run scene, they didn’t show the accident itself and body, only a backpack. Joon was involved in the whole “tape” case and they had reason to kill him.

        • amanda

          they showed a hand wearing that bracelet but i think she staged the scene after stealing a body from the time mart collapse which belonged to seung chul

          • paradox.of.fate

            Thought the same thing. During episode 7 (?) she almost told on herself as she debated what to do. How effed up is that tho? God the psycho woman who cant let go of the children they lost. Wow why cant they let them rest in peace?

          • amanda

            i know right but i think she did it because it was moo gang who killed clara in that warehouse trying to save joon but when joon told her what happened she had to shut him up coz she didn’t want her precious son to get in trouble so thats why joon is at the bottom of the ocean and she took seung chul to stage the hit and run with joon as the victim

          • paradox.of.fate

            smh. ugh!

      • amanda

        i think the boys were switched somehow by moo gang’s mom she took seun chul and faked the hit and run whilst joon was already dead and in the sea she needed a cover story so she took that bracelet and put it on seung chul to stage a hit and run and he was buried as joon whereas joon is still in the sea

  • SukieAkins

    Oh no.I hate that brother. He deserves to go to hell and be devoured by dogs there every single day. Aish, I am so pissed.

    • Athena Gliddon

      I suspect his is the older brother, which is why he is remembering things that, on the surface, look like the younger brother’s memories.

  • amanda

    i cant imagine how scared those kids where when the building fell on them,now things are starting to make sense

  • amanda

    i think ha ram is pregnant and they trying to hide it
    exhibit a… baggy clothes with even baggier coats
    exhibit b….most her camera shots are chest and above
    exhibit c….when they do a full body shot of her she always has this handbag which holds with one arm across her belly as if she’s hiding something
    exhibit d……most of her tops are black which we all know is the famous color of many secrets…………………….

    if not then writers change her frigging wardrobe no wonder she always plummets to the ground she’s always tripping on her clothes and they’re distracting us from her beauty

    • SukieAkins

      Who do you think is the father if she is pregnant by any chance?

      • Doesn’t need a dck to get pregnant. Sperm donor will do

        • amanda

          hahahahhahaha true dat

        • SukieAkins

          Are we talking about the how or real life? Go Ara, as far as I know,is not pregnant. I don’t think it is also on Ha Ram’s mind. She likes Joon so he is the best candidate to be a baby daddy if she ever decides to have one.Not that I would mind seeing them as a happy fam at the end of this roller coaster drama.There is also a chance of passing her curse on the child.

      • amanda

        i have no idea hahahaha

    • GalletaZ

      you mean the actress?

      • amanda


  • amanda

    now to anxiously wait for because this is my first life……………..uuurrgghh

  • Omg this drama always takes my breath away!! The tension and the every information we could get keeps me al wondering! I love it so much

  • The way he protect ha ram though!!

  • Keep all wondering people, cause that’s the only thing we can do. Wonder to wonderland

  • paradox.of.fate

    So many questions answered this episode, but still so many lose strings. Cant wait til they start getting connected for our reaper.

  • amanda

    well i have to say it’s the saddest thing to be missing and dead i mean the origin story of the pure grim reapers is sad

  • Aleeha Butt

    No preview!!!

  • sakura

    the time lapse of this drama confuses me. They jump from one thing to another. This happens and the… oh its another day or two or a week…just like that! Is it only me who feels that? or this drama trying to squeeze everything in an episode.

    • Daebak Mada

      it’s just you

    • Sandra Ebi Lulu

      it’s not just you, i don’t understand what is going on as well.

  • Zam Well

    that what im thinking of.. 444 is really is Joon but if the body is found it’s impossible that its him..

    • Layane Hayame

      The body of the trampling is not Joon’s, but the friend who died in the collapse, which lost his hand. According to the news, his body was never found, but in the episode he shows the detective’s mother receiving his body in the hospital. Joon’s body is the one at the bottom of the river, so he’s one of the missing.

  • μ•ŒλΌλΌ

    love this drammmmma