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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-10-29


Black Ep 6

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  • seraxena


  • OMG such a tease ending!!!

  • Snow Carpenters

    this particular scene she is overacting and doesnt well blend with SSH i like her but so far no chemistry at all

    • Hogwild

      Is it actress fault or directors? It seems the way its written she is dealing with not her childhood friend but imposter who took over MG’s body. I expected chemistry before the switcheroo. As he becomes more human and maybe if he recalls her as a child, chemistry will increase…who knows. This show has been confusing.

  • amanda

    uuurrghhh i wish they would spend less time running around and more time investigating rather than just roaming the streets…….ha ram needs to calm down she’s a bit hectic and its gets annoying sometimes and my gosh her clothes no no no she’s by far the worst ugly duckling lead I’ve seen so far her wardrobe doesn’t do it for me it’s like she’s hiding cats under those baggy dresses and coats. its time to solve the mystery “i need romance”!

    best fight scene ever that assassin is gonna be shocked when he comes back hihihihihihihi, and why do assassins not die i mean dude got stabbed in the neck, punched a bunch of times, smashed into the window had his head banged on the steering wheel at the very least faint man!!!

    • Hogwild

      Exactly my thoughts about assassin. Even if she missed jugular he would bleed enough to impair his driving and fighting. I wonder if assassin is not a reaper. I do understand train fighter can take more punishment than normal, that neck wound must have been a scratch. This is drama and bad guys have nine lives.

      • amanda

        kkkkkkk that wasn’t a scratch that blade went in deep but since she’s a doctor she knew how deep not to go in order to not kill him because of her Hippocratic oath not to cause harm …..but yeah that assassin got his ass handed to him but still managed to drag her away he should’ve been weak enough that she could easily overpower him…..but as to your theory of him being a reaper too its possible he seems to be the guy standing over that bride in the car accident when the narrator says “when a grim reaper looks into the eyes a human inlove they will face unimaginable consequences” and i’m sure i’ve seen him in reaper world among other reapers idk there’s so many questions lol

  • Aleeha Butt

    I miss the origional soul and i pity him he deserved sooo much better

    • Hogwild

      Original was better but now the new MG will become human. Lets see if he begins portraying same qualities as original???

      • Aleeha Butt

        Agreed bt ill still miss him plus im dreading the moment she finds out im sure she will

  • leo is cute. he is giving me lee minki in flower boy band vibes

    • Ino Yong Senpei

      I think he resembles him in some way

  • Athena Gliddon

    I find this story interesting and unusual. We see to have a love square in the making. I love the fight scenes.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Hope he doesn’t lose his kickass fighting skills when he becomes human. Does that mean he die again?

  • IMFACT 나웅재 Na Ungjae


  • FreeSpirit

    Tht cliffhanger tho ?

  • Layane Hayame

    I’m pretty sure the detective is that little boy. And that Joon died young, he can not be the grim reaper. In all these memories that Black is having are the two boys together, he did not have a single memory of only Joon, so he is the youngest boy. If the heart of the body can recognize the love for the bride, soon the brain of the same can have memory flashbacks. Moo-Gang did not recognize Ha-Ram because he’s not Joon, he’s his younger brother. as for the bracelet he probably won from brother. And the detective’s soul is still wandering around the earth, which means that there may still be a chance for him to return to his own body. In one episode the reapers said his soul managed to escape. This drama gives me headache from thinking so much about theories, I like it;)

  • dori!!