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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-12-06


Black Knight Ep 1

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  • DyingtobeinKorea


  • Zam Well

    this is it!!!

  • stellapebble

    yayyyyy ! thank you

  • Yousra Ben Ramdane

    It’s not as bad as i thought it would be ,, i think I’ll keep watching

    • i see u everywere

      • Yousra Ben Ramdane

        Yeah , i recently started using this site

        • haha this site is addictive and the early subs makes me happy

          • Yousra Ben Ramdane

            True , this site is one of the fastest sites to post subs, if one down side it has ,, that it doesn’t have all dramas and kshows, other than that ,it’s great, i use it to watch the latest dramas , but the old dramas and kshows i watch them at dramanice

  • Zam Well

    it is me or i’m not getting a vibe of being a kdrama here? the way the camera shots steady or moving.. not so impress.. but i want to get hook to this.. i hope i can get to used to it.. next episode.. they present way to many characters here.. in just 1 episode.. Shin Se Kyung.. Saranghae <3 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/368c09624bed2ecf346354d2002b099dbb8264f6c372f809256d7880b05f444e.jpg

    • amanda

      Maybe it’s becoz they’re not in a studio but outside i think it’s great, i love it , it did get a little weird during the suicide attempt and smoky ghost car ride but i loved it

      • Zam Well

        koreans made a movie here in Philippines.. i watched it.. and its not looks like Philippines at all.. they do a scene in tondo, and its not like tondo at all.. it feels like korea.. that vibe.. that is the thing that i want to feel while watching this.. not to mention.. The Package is ni Paris and France.. but the Vibe is Very so Kdrama.. but still hoping for this show 😀

        • amanda

          ok i get what you mean but maybe after a few ep you won’t notice if the story is any good

  • Hogwild

    The Package remake????

  • Cathy Ross


  • Wann Liveasarockstar

    Whats the story line abt?

  • Innerpeace

    Looks interesting 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • amanda

    56:24 i’m like daebaek how can a man be this beautiful and handsome at the same time those eyes are out of this world omomoomomomomo have you ever seen a more perfect specimen of man-candy??i think i’m in love yet again it’s impossible to be a fan of 1 Korean actor, i tried but every time some new drama comes along you forget the past crushes and here we go again 56:24 made my heart skip a dozen beats i’m not sure if i’m alive as i’m typing this!!

    so so far what i got is that there is a witch from joseon with fabric powers and a body/love snatching agenda in order to break a Christmas love reunion between lovers lost in time because of probably jealousy and betrayal etc etc the usual and of course to exact revenge for her broken heart and tormented spirit and her bruised ego of not being the one “HE” chose!! (MIC DROP!)

    • rockstar

      Have u seen dr crush? He’s not exactly man candy type. More like warm trustworthy matured u can count on type.


      I actually skipped the whole episode to see scene. Lol. I plan for wait until 8 or 10 epi b4 I start watching

      • rockstar

        Btw, another younger candy occupying my attention in I’m not a robot. That sweet young thang.

      • amanda

        kkkkkk well we all have our tastes i think older men are much more sexy coz their looks have matured and finally set idk how to explain it but he’s my man candy type lol thanks for the pic i’m too lazy to take screenshots kkkk

  • LilyJuni

    The story seems quite intriguing and I can’t wait to see where it goes! 🙂

  • Lillacneth

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t jungle hae ra (shin se kyung) have the same name as she did when she acted in six flying dragons? (Boon yi) What’s the coincidence of that happening. Like as soon as I saw her past life I was like is that a six flying dragon scene 😱

  • Eun Mi Yong

    Little bride might be sad to hear that her hubby park sang min ended up with her best friend 😂

  • Eun Mi Yong

    After watching the first episode i feel something off in this drama..Maybe because i was watching the drama mirror of the witch and another witches story probably irks me.still i am gonna watch till the end..Kim Rae Won saranghe 💕😍

  • Girrlit


  • other than park shin hye, which other none idol actress is leading this generation of actresses. i really thought the main lead would be up there by now. i really think park shin hye is sitting lonely at the top currently if we consider cf’s and international recognition. has nothing to do with the drama but its just something i thought about after seeing her on my screen.

  • the first episode didnt grab my attention. will wait for the second to convince me

  • stellapebble

    i loved it cant wait for next week.when Jung Hae Ra jump off in front of So Hoo im like teary a bit at the corner of my eye finally the girl hes been looking for is in front of him.Shin Se Kyung saranghae.

  • Kim Kimmy

    This episode is kinda boring😩😑 . . . . But still looking forward for the next epss 🤗👊

  • siruslysyd

    Yay!! Another drama with beautiful scenery!

  • Jevva Manies

    Omo…omo kim rae won oppa
    I am ready to watching u…😍😍😍

  • paradox.of.fate

    This looks very interesting. But dang at the evil woman already working against her.

  • Wigsnatched

    wow the chemistry 💗

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    LOLOL I am finally watching this and I saw that woman with the black feather dress LOL She reminded me of a very large crow walking around hahahaha 😛

  • lol why the effects looks so cheap

  • 자나🥔🌈

    That girl is from Bride of The Water God.. lol

  • Honestly, this first episode was boring. I actually fell asleep. I’m disappointed cuz I had high expectations given the synopsis. Imma give it one or two more eps and decide whether to keep watching or nah.