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Episode 3 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2017-12-13


Black Knight Ep 3

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  • Safeenah Safiyan

    the sub is late??? still waiting😑

  • Pri Jain

    Subbed is here
    Although I have already watched it raw , I’ll watch it tmr now.

  • dori!!


  • paradox.of.fate

    She is Evil, with a capitol E!! Evil that goes waaaayyyy back. Doesn’t look like she will be repenting anytime soon either. lol
    Btw, whats up with our female lead? She’s gotten so cold and her personality has become abrasive? Is this the witches doing?

    • amanda

      i think it’s a self defense mechanism brought on by surrounding herself with people who destroy her self-esteem, over time it becomes her reality, i.e the friend is just flat out nasty to her face no filter and gives her handouts like she’s a charity case, her ex-boyfriend told her no decent guy would like you and she should run if she was approached by one, i mean who says that and still claims to love you seriously, i think all the people in life her keep her around just so they can say “oh at least i’m better than hae ra, oh well”

      • paradox.of.fate

        True, lol But dang she has this gorgeous rich guy helping her and the so called”Aunt”, yet she is so flippant with him? I would be putty in his hands. hehe

        • amanda

          she is she’s just trying to hide it…………i mean who wouldn’t i’m putty in his hands hhahahaha

          • paradox.of.fate

            Nobody I know! lol

  • stellapebble

    i just love Kim Rae Won here as Soo Ho i can feel how much he wanted to be with Jung Hae Ra his excitement his love towards her.their interactions the punch line of Soo Ho so cute and funny makes me giggle lol.i love their chemistry.Im glad that the writer did not make Shin Se Kyung so poor like struggling as ive seen the classic one.i really love her outfit here especially the last one am like Shin Se Kyung the goddess.Shes always been beautiful what ever shes wearing amen to that.

    • amanda

      i love the way he looks at her omg i don’t think I’ve seen anyone show this much genuine feeling in a drama before it’s so frigging convincing his face just screams “it’s me oppa, why won’t you remember me hae ra? i’ve missed you and i have never stopped loving you!!”

      • stellapebble

        ikr this drama makes you wanted to see more!


  • indahusman

    OMG OMG OMG!!I never thought this drama would be this interesting. Imma keep watching it.

  • Definitely interesting storyline..

    The 2 immortal women tampered with the fate of the 2 lovers hence sentenced to immortality until they are able to repay for their sins..

    The short haired woman,still unsure about how she split the lovers apart.. to atone for her sins she needs to make the 2 lovers happy and I think as well as Sharon..

    Sharon tailor seems to have been in love with KRW but KRW fell in love with DongLi/HaeRa in Ancient times and due to jealousy she makes their life miserable and leads them to their death.. to atone for her sins she needs to let the 2 lovers fulfil their destiny..

    Modern times,the 2 lovers meet again, hopefully to fulfill their happy ever after.. but it seems Sharon may get in the way again.. but I feel the short haired lady will do everything so Sharon is able to let go and also be happy..

    SSK is doing better her

    • amanda

      so yeah basically a witch with fabric powers out to get what doesn’t belong to her ……………………….delicious

      • hihihi yes.. the magical farbic lady..

  • amanda

    kkkkkkkkkkk i wanna hate the fake prosecutor but i’m finding it hard he is ignorant but in a cute way

  • amanda

    kkkkkkkkkkk i wanna hate the fake prosecutor but i’m finding it hard he is ignorant but in a cute way

  • Nor Ahmed

    Woah I didn’t know I was susceptible to punch lines 😊 Or maybe because its Kim Rae Won saying it? ❤ I’m gradually loving everything about this drama. Especially the bits of honesty from every character.

  • Rads ical

    So not only do we get a clingy psychotic second female lead, we get an IMMORTAL clingy psychotic second female lead lmao

  • hafsat Tijjani

    Hi folks, is it possible to download from this site? And how do you do it?

  • The ex bf is so sosoooooooo annoying!!! But he’s hot, tho’! lol.