1 Season 12 Episode

Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2017-12-02


Bravo My Life Ep 12

Synopsis of Bravo My Life Ep 12


  • hye mi is actually a sweet girl. i hope her husband falls in love with her. that mistress is there for the money but he might actually be happier with hyemi. those two together can take over the world.

  • if the ex husband is smart he better hold on to lara. he loves her so much but his pride will make him lose the love of his life. the director is about to go in for the kill

    • Ronald Harrington

      Ummmmmmmm, would he knock up some girl if she was the “love of his life”??????……You have a very skewed version of love bro, do you need to talk? Who hurt you????

  • GZB

    I’m loving this drama more than the other popular one!!!