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Episode 20 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 20 Engsub
Air date2018-01-06


Bravo My Life Ep 20

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  • dutchessdioji

    I need a good rom/com to come out. Most of the dramas lately have been on the serious tearjerker side.

    • Athena Gliddon

      Yes, most things have been a bit on the weepy side. I watch I am not a Robot when I want cute romance without too much thinking.

      • dutchessdioji

        Re: “I Am Not a Robot” Even this has been a little sad lately.

  • Athena Gliddon

    It is interesting to see Yeon Jeong-Hun play a good guy. He killed it in mask as the sexy/creepy bad guy, but this is completely different.