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Episode 21 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 21 Engsub
Air date2018-01-13


Bravo My Life Ep 21

Synopsis of Bravo My Life Ep 21


  • niagirl

    What’s going on with the ex-husband’s collar?

  • Ronald Harrington

    I’m watching it raw, but did the dying mother just tell her daughter to just grin and bear it?????

  • Ronald Harrington

    Sooooooo, when she said, “she might try to commit suicide at this rate”, he could not put two and two together???? What a pea brain..

  • Athena Gliddon

    The aunt is an over-controlling beast. She needs to get her own life and stop messing with other peoples. The oldest daughter should get the hell out. There is no fixing that hot mess of a marriage. Lara might as well have some fun. Might as well be hung for a horse as a cow, so if she is going to get the approbation, she might as well also get the guy.