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Episode 2 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2018-05-16

Synopsis of Come and Hug Me Ep 2


  • FreeSpirit


  • tamry

    that was intense! I’m loving this drama already!

  • PandaQueenJ

    does she lose all of her family include her brother man that’s so sad her life will be ruined in seconds but how cant the police catch him that woman for example didn’t she tell anyone that there is a man coming to fix something in her house or isn’t there anyone who saw him going into their house its a small town so isn’t there anyone one who is suspicious of him? the child actors/actresses are doing so well his little sister is really cute.

  • Wow what an end
    The familly was super cute and happy
    Loved the younger actors

  • sima

    Wow 😮 I’m in shock. Well written directed and acted first episode.

  • paradox.of.fate

    What was the name again…Lucky? Maybe not? Ok, ok that was only [email protected]_harrington:disqus . This drama is pretty impressive, so far so creepy. lol

  • JustMe

    Oh gosh, the father is so disgusting and evil. I cant think of other words to describe him. This show is so dark. This episode explaining their past felt like a horror movie. You know when you wait for the inevitable horrid outcome? Poor male lead (i have yet to remember his name)

    • paradox.of.fate

      We seem to be writing very similar comments on this. lol

      • JustMe

        I know hahahahaah i should look for your comments before posting next time hahahaha

        • paradox.of.fate

          Hahahaha we just happened to watch same time and agreed on same circumstances. What are the odds? Maybe lottery ticket time? hehe

  • solove

    it’s shot so prettily. the contrast between both families while they’re eating dinner is so eerie. i really love the backstory to the point that i wouldn’t mind having the entire drama be the backstory (not told as flashbacks but instead the present).

  • kjk

    Now this is how the 1st episode should be..The others are shitty. The editing, cinematography and the lines…oh god..
    I’m happy now that he’s finally the lead and it’ll be sad to say good bye to our child actors who’s really good looking and good at acting…. I love him.. <3 <3

  • dori!!


  • jiheon

    Wow this is better than my expectation.
    But, seriously how can someone be so cruel and disgusting? UGHH

  • Isabella

    Sooooo idk if they mentioned this in the beginning but is that Han jae-yi’s biological dad and brother? I have this weird feeling that they aren’t because the brother looks at her differently.

    • ClaudiaKdramaFan

      Noticed it too

      • Isabella

        At least I’m not the only one haha.

    • DyingtobeinKorea

      You mean the kid with the earphones? In the back seat of the car? Yes they are related, he is her brother and the man driving is her father. Gil Moowon is the brother’s name, The ones that are not related it seems are the stupid brother with the longish hair and the dad (murderer) I don’t think they are all related because the dad (murderer) mentioned at the dinner table that it had already been 2 years and she still didn’t greet him properly.

      • Isabella

        Yeah I meant the girl’s father and brother. The mom even said in a scene “I raised my daughter…blah blah” made it seem like she was a single mom. You didn’t notice the way he looked at her in the car,when they hung up the family portrait and when she was walking to school?? Very weird

        • DyingtobeinKorea

          Nope, I found them to be closed nit family members, that’s all. I think she meant because the daughter followed her everywhere while on set, that’s why she said she raised her” as a single parent”

    • AlleyxCat ^.^

      Not the only one, I’m pretty sure they are not related. I’m guessing the mother married twice or had Gil Nak Won outside of marriage and then married the brother’s father, idk about that for sure. For some odd reason I feel like the brother is in love with her, but obviously he can’t tell her because they are siblings, even if it’s only through marriage, which I have a feeling it is.

  • ClaudiaKdramaFan

    Very intense and intriguing, my two second leads becoming first leads and the writing and acting looks so promising, can’t wait….this will be so angsty!

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    What can I say?? I have always been impressed with Nam Dareum, he will be a superstar as he continues to grow! The young girl is pretty darn good too!!
    The show itself is creepy and intense. I felt like I was watching a cross between A Nightmare on Elmstreet and Criminal Minds.
    The plot will thicken as the story progresses and the character development will start to unfold. I am quite excited about this show. Jang Kiyong (Chae Dojin) is from Ulsan so the accent he is using is actually his own which is pretty cool since we haven’t really heard him use it in the other dramas!! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

  • just a fan

    The creepy vibes of the drama is so intense…

  • 알라라

    18:55 when you can sing the song because of bts lol

  • Ronald Harrington

    I’m not feeling it, but every drama gets better the longer you watch it right???? And, how much is dog meat retail???

  • WeroNoYume

    omg please save the dog
    i don’t care about the people
    not the dog

  • A.e

    What in the hell this is so creepy 😭😭 but it’s sooo good that I have to continue watching it

  • Elveol

    Waaaaaa, I cant continue to watch, but I have to. Damn. I’m scared.