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Episode 110 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 110 Engsub
Air date2018-05-15

Synopsis of Enemies from the Past Ep 110


  • cindydoo

    Heading for the home stretch. Need to get all these threads resolved.

  • cindydoo

    my god – fortune boy just stuff it!!!

  • cindydoo

    can’t believe these mothers raised children…

  • Hogwild

    GY dad did not drive the truck that hit JS fathers car. It would be like me blaming this drama for my stress. I chose to watch this show so I am at fault not, the writers, website, actors etc. Amazing as much crap as the aunt spewed from her vile self…I digress.

    • Sara Rodrigues

      I totally agree. It’s absurd. How can they associate JS dad dying with GY dad because JS mom was chasing him?
      It’s not normal. It was an ACCIDENT!

      • cindydoo

        If anyone’s to blame it’s JS’s Mom – she’s the one who saw somebody she thought was TP and then went running across the street and it’s JS’s Dad’s fault for following her in the car. Other than the truck driver, no one else was there or did anything.

    • cindydoo

      guilt by association….like really indirect association…like if you were a mile away walking – you’re to blame too :D!

  • Kpopcorn

    I’m still wondering how they’re gonna finish the storylines in 10 episodes 😂 like there is too much going on. No scratch that! There is too much unimportant stuff going on to resolve the important stuff 🤔
    Honestly I’m over this drama but I’m sticking it out for the last few episodes

    • cindydoo

      rush, rush, rush…
      at their pace, nothing will get resolved…
      okay, maybe they’ll have GY discover her real Mom – then the two will leave this horrible Payton Place and live happily together without all the rest – end of story.