1 Season 89 Episode

Episode 89 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 89 Engsub
Air date2018-04-13

Synopsis of Enemies from the Past Ep 89


  • Sena

    So what if GY if CTP’s daughter? GY didn’t get to chose her father.
    Your own sister is his wife by choice and actually if not for ONR, the MIL wouldn’t even have heard about the father CTP. ONR has the nerve, how she says ‘ GY is CTP’s daughter!” and you’re his mistress /wife madam ONR….
    What kind of twisted reasoning is this? I’d never get it

  • Girrlit

    I hate how they cleaning up GYs dad. He still a tool and bears as much responsibility as ONR.
    And I am so confused, does the MIL know now?

  • cindydoo

    GY’s Dad is really dumb and cruel – he won’t leave the little boy alone – creating one major psychological dent.

  • cindydoo

    Does the Dad even get what he’s saying?, “I had to leave my first wife who SUPPORTED ME FOR DECADES – what a loser. You’re right Dad, it’s about being a man – and you are NO man.