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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-10-13


Go Back Couple Ep 1

Synopsis of Go Back Couple Ep 1


  • Zam Well

    im a fan of time travel genre but not a fan of time travel with marriage or love attached.. you want to break it off but ended up together in the end..

    • FreeSpirit

      At first I thought it would b like emergency couple but with the time travel I’m not so sure lol

      • stellapebble

        lol me too.

        • FreeSpirit

          I was getting excited as well ?lol nvm
          I’ll continue watching it to see if I enjoy it otherwise I’ll drop the show

        • Zam Well

          tomorrow with you is all about the future that its inevitable, but going to past and change the present time.. this is like marry him if you dare.. they end up together with all the trouble she cause

        • FreeSpirit

          lol then there was manhole ?

      • Zam Well

        emergency couple is great finish.. but i really want to ship the chief and ji hyo XD

        • FreeSpirit

          OMO they were cuteeee!!

  • paradox.of.fate

    This looks like it could be fun. I’m sure many of us who have gotten married and have kids have thought about the exact same thing. lol

  • Chatelaineces

    What is the question again? If you had it in your power to change your life over, what would you do? What is the warning about wishes again? Be careful what you wish for because it might just come true. The writers just served us time slip into the romance just because. Let see what they came up with.

  • Mioo

    i am hooked from the begining i like the idea of the drama even if it seems a little cliche but i hope the idea and the story will continue to grow! i am really in !!!

  • FreeSpirit

    Yh I get wht u mean ?

  • suzi_bae

    Their child is non existence if they choose a different path.

  • Flona

    SUCH A WONDERFUL first ep! i cried my eyes different kinds of tears ! it had me laughing just as much! so many evoking emotions! WOW JUST WOW

  • Flona

    I dont mind having them get back in time to fix their relationship! they still love each other, it’s just that life got in the way! they miss their youth and how things were easier. if they can do it all over knowing they should try harder and fix their circumstances, why not?