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Episode 5 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 5 Engsub
Air date2017-10-27


Go Back Couple Ep 5

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  • no sub yet 🙁

  • pee

    Please sub this ep asap

  • Feliz Spirit

    how long will it take… :'( …. eng sub asap

    • ThatGirl_

      It’s out now ^_^

  • JustMe

    Aaawwn the poor nam gil will have his heart broken :'(. Im finding jin joos first love waaaayy more interesting then her ex husbands first love

  • mauigracious_29

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Nam-gil oppa, just be mine -_-

  • sarah

    This drama is simply juzz amazing.
    Ahhhh my heart flutter whenever 2nd lead stares at Jin Joo n it fills with warmness whenever Ban Do stares at her

    • ThatGirl_

      OMG I thought I was the only one who couldn’t properly pick sides! hahaha :>

  • Damilola

    Why do i feel like their actions will begin to change certain parts of their future.

    • Mzmariam

      I think so too because all this actions they are taking were never done in the past. I wonder if its gonna change their future. May be people in the future will develop new memories

  • Ignis

    im one of those people who support both lead end up with second leads

    • M.Drama


  • ThatGirl_

    Okay I just melted when that Nam Gil sunbae stared at our Jin Joo but bruuuh! I felt butterflies at the end when she locked eyes with the ex husband at the end. I saw love and hurt it gave me butterflies I have to rewatch straight away. So do I ship her with the 2nd lead or with the husband? OMG. My indecisiveness. I can’t even pick sides T____T

  • M.Drama

    Ban Do is such a jerk to Jin Joo, and he’s a real hypocrite too

  • Mikha

    Please respect your fulltime at home wife! Dont belittle her. She can be everything that she likes, go anywhere that she wants, but she choose to take care of her husband and child. I dislike the hubby

  • Iwan Ridwan

    By watching this drama, i can say that even we can go back to the past to rewrite something bad, maybe there is something that still we don’t want to alter at all eventhough it is something hard or may create unfortunate situation to us, That decision is still not change because we choose it wholeheartedly. We just take it, endure it and live our best.
    I hope both of them realize why they love each other, let go the first love and move on together

  • UriDijun

    Ok, so I officially wish for the writers, director etc to go crazy and surprise us all with a beautiful new end where we have the two couples like now. Because except for the child we have no reason to ship the main leads, but we have every reason to ship her with Nam Gil. Btw, we don’t have and don’t want to have also ‘coz the SLS is just way too strong here.
    So, please, make some magic there! XD

  • paradox.of.fate

    You can make any relationship work, just depends on whether you want to be happy doing it! lol Seems we forget that reason we “do” for the significant other. It’s not for them, but because it makes us happy to see them happy. Unfortunately, if your not getting the “do” from them, you start realizing that there smiles are good and all, but you want to smile knowing he “does” for you for the same reasons… 😉

  • ✖️

    OMG can’t fcking get enough of this drama. IT’S JUST SO DAMMMMNNNN AWESOME! Like where should I even get started?

  • nnnneil0929

    Both leads have chemistry with the 2nd leads. Bando and Seoyoung are cute, Jinjoo and Namgil are like cat and dog. But I’m still in for the leads to resolve their relationship!