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Episode 6 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-10-28


Go Back Couple Ep 6

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  • sage


    • FoxVanilla

      hahahaha yeahhh and DOTS too…lol

    • Andy O

      Right after ”Goblin” reference is Kim Joo Won from ”Secret Garden” ref.: ”Is this your best decision? Are you sure?…”
      I nearly died! Lol

  • ThatGirl_

    Watching it raw because i’m too excited to know what happens next :> I am genuinely in love with this drama <3

    • mauigracious_29

      Same here. then i’ll watch it again once the subs are out! hahaha

      • ThatGirl_

        They’re out hun 😉 I’m back too soon hahahaha :>

  • anndreina

    Wow…”Back” in 2017, the husband is really not nice to his wife… His behavior is really hateful!

  • WeroNoYume

    oh my god I loved the goblin and the descendants of the sun parody! AHAH

  • WeroNoYume

    I guess now he’s realizing how bad he treated her… I mean I know he wasn’t happy and that his life was frustrating but he was reversing all his bad feelings on his wife… and she completely lost her confidence!

  • Jinan

    I’m soooo in love with this drama, and the second lead is so FINE!!! I really need a writer who let the second lead win!!! its obvious that they’re back to the past to correct their mistakes and end up together again!! but just give me something new and let them start a new life.

    • DramaQueen

      if they didn’t have a kid then that would be cool! but it’s too sad to forget about the kid

    • Doğa

      Second guy is A W E S O M E
      But I’m really sad because of their son :C
      Just meet with second guy in 2017 Jin Jo pls-

      It would be sweet story!

      Come on writer YOU CAN HANDLE IT

  • Ana Lucas

    I love the shirt he is wearing in the preview love always wins
    will it be the case for our main couple. Or is the second lead going to be the breaker of this love stay tune next week.

  • pee

    OMG! Descendants of the sun reference. Lmfao

  • eunmi

    it’d be nice if she ends up with the second lead but the kid,…

  • Lunae Carmen

    Seriously this drama is so beautiful. Although right now the male lead is the problematic one, I hope to see his development.

  • UriDijun
  • ThatGirl_

    Can’t this show be aired like forever and then like everyday? hahaha I’m so obsessed with the plot and storyline even though it’s not even the most original. It’s just got that certain charm that would keep you coming for more :> I DIED WITH THE GOBLIN AND DOTS REFERENCES hahaha I can’t even 😛

    • sarah

      Seriously my heart is in mess because of those 2males wat would be happening with our poor Jin Joo

      • ThatGirl_

        Although it is very predictable how it will end I’m still really excited on how things will unfold for her >O< I can't wait for the next ep ^____^

  • JustMe

    I know he loves her but at a certain point its so mean what he says to his ex

  • amanda

    we are never gonna get enough of dots kkkkk

  • MISS Ambitious


  • Fasya Augista

    Gioblin, DOTS What next

  • Byun-Bear

    omg the preview got me crying TT i cant wait another week :(((

  • sarah

    I want more of parody’s

  • Damilola

    I really do wish Ma Jin Joo happiness. She has taken the biggest hit so far.

  • tamry

    the husband starting to finally realize the worth of what he had….this drama cannot get anymore real than that.

  • Parkhaina

    If i were to meet with the writer, I would loved to tell her/him that this story should be with the Nam gil and Jin joo. waaaaaaahhhh. plsssssss

  • paradox.of.fate

    It’s so nice to see her open up to new ideas. After having children you start wondering what you might have missed out on. At least this time around she’s not missing out!

  • Parkhaina

    Done watchin’ it, but I’m about to watch it again. ??? I love the scenes where in about Nam gil and Jin joo. can’t help but lovin the series even mooooorrreee.

  • Mzmariam

    I have a major second lead syndrome and I don’t think it’s gonna end the way I want it to. The second male lead is so adorable, it’s rare for me to like a second lead. There were few dramas where I rooted for the second lead and they actually end up together just like RinSan *the king loves*

  • The chemistry between the leads and the leads with the second leads are on fire!