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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-11-04


Go Back Couple Ep 8

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  • Laura Palacio

    NO previews?? :((( He came back alone? what about her? she didnt come back? or is just his dream?

    • Miyu

      I can’t understand Korean but I think it’s a dream……

  • ThatGirl_

    I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ONE BIT BUT I STILL CRIED? WTH T___T And bruuuuh! That was so cliche but still executed really well U<

    • Mery

      subs are here.

      • ThatGirl_


        • Mery

          my pleasure

    • Modyjoji

      Subs are here

      • ThatGirl_

        Another unappreciated soul 😀 Thank you!

    • kdramapaithiyam

      Me as well

  • Mery

    why is this so sad??
    I cried my eyes out for the mothers, I better go see my mother soon.

  • ThatGirl_

    The amount of times I’ve sobbed with every episode of this show is ridiculous T__T Why is this so sad <//3 I keep saying this with every comment I make but myghaaaad my heart really aches for them T____T I'm going to be in such a mess when this show ends T___T

  • kdramapaithiyam

    Wow nice series

  • ThatGirl_

    The amount of times I’ve sobbed with every episode of this show is ridiculous T__T Why is this so sad <//3 I keep saying this with every comment I make but myghaaaad my heart really aches for them T____T I'm going to be such an emotional wreck when this all ends <///3

  • ThatGirl_

    The amount of times I’ve cried and sobbed with every episode is jsut ridiculous T____T I keep saying this with every comment I make in this drama but idc I’m saying it again. Myghaaaad, my heart really aches for them. My heart is literally in pain. I’m going to be such an emotional wreck when this all ends…I just know I will be T___T

    • amanda

      yes so you mentioned in your other lets see 1,2,3…7 comments lol, well i worry that your heart might be left in ashes cause of the excessive crying i recommend a dosage of Black which is where i’m going ryt now to forget all this heavy sadness see you there!!! 😉 😉

      • ThatGirl_

        LOL REALLY?! It keeps saying it’s not posting so I just keep entering I didn’t know it got posted. It’s not showing up on my feed haha! WELL NOW YOU KNOW HOW THIS SHOW AFFECTS ME. Is it a good show? haha I’ll check it out 😉

        • amanda

          it’s all right it won’t make you cry as much but if you want heart warmth and laughter go for Because this is my first life, ITS AMAZING

          • paradox.of.fate

            Agree! 😀

    • MISS Ambitious


  • amanda

    the seo jin parts just keep punching me in my gut………….why do you break my heart seo jin? he’s so adorable

    i wonder why he ran all the way but didn’t hug her that’s when she needs you the most ban do coz you the only one who knows her pain and where its coming from, and for jin joo it’s getting hard to control her emotions about her son, i feel for her

    • Laura Palacio

      he does not feel deserving to protect her, she told him that he is never there when she needed him.

      • amanda

        yeah but now would be a perfect time to start it’s never too late or in their case too early

  • Rosy jackson (kai)

    seo jin is so cute he smiles all the time chincha cyupta

  • sarah

    Arghhhh my tear bags seal is been broken ?? umma-appa sorry for not being good child, I will work hard from now onwards ?

  • WeroNoYume

    Everytime I watch this drama I go to my mom and hug her ; _ ;

  • abc abc

    whhaaa…what was that end? is he dreaming? he’s back but she’s not?

  • Lunae Carmen

    Actually I’d like to see them going back and forth together or alone to fix things in the past but probably thats too much to ask and might not really needed… (Although I’d like to see Ma Jin Joo seeing her mother before she passes away but maybe she’ll tell her mother in the past.)

  • UriDijun

    – I get tears in my eyes every time she misses her mother and son ?

    – I’d really like to keep shipping her with the second lead, if not for her eyes that always say “thank-you kid, for restoring part of my lost pride” – an ahjumma, not a girl in love.

    – I still don’t think the lead deserves her, I know he accepted all kinds of things in order to get money for the family but he lost the love and respect for her in the middle.

    – Seems like he’s the only one to time travel this time, and for a time when they’re still married. Hope that we’ll finally get to see him acting like a husband is supposed to.

  • paradox.of.fate

    This episode was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. Tears for the mother the son and all the pain and sorrow Jin Joo endured. I can definitely empathize. Been there done that sadly.
    Ban Do is such a good looking man, but when his eyes fill with tears it melts my heart, crazy enough I find him even more handsome. Who doesn’t love a man with compassion? 😉

  • christie

    i cried my eyes out watching the last scene :”” this show does not just about the romance, it reminds us the importance of parents in our life, how they always tried to protect us :”

  • Iwan Ridwan

    i dont quite understand. time traveling story in this drama has no meaning..
    they are in love with each other and they love their son too much, there is no use for time traveling in thid story,,

  • nnnneil0929

    Show, why are you doing this? This is a tearjerker episode!

  • Unnie Ssi

    I just cried like a baby over two peaches…

    • tsinita

      hahahahaha! I was bawling!

  • T Jav

    I think that the purpose of why they went back to the past is to fix their love for each other. Ban Do might really be the first one to come back because as seen at the previous episode, the plant regenerated. That plant might have mirrored his feelings for Jin Joo.