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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-12-06


I Am Not a Robot Ep 1

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  • Yousra Ben Ramdane

    Exited for this one ,fingers crossed

  • i1992

    After because this is my first life, I though i had to wait a while for a drama, but now this and jugglers are gonna keep me occupied for a while:)

    • JustMe

      Yeah so relieved. I liked jugglers’ first eps and this one seems cute. Not as profound as because this my first life but just what i need to escape finals

  • stellapebble


  • stellapebble

    Hibernating time all new dramas came. in a few Black Knight.Monday tru Thursday for now i guess then Friday tru Sunday of course Kshow time lol.

  • MangoPie

    i guess the wyws team vibe is gone, subs not fast enough

    • Yousra Ben Ramdane

      Wyws was a pre-produced , that’s why

      • MangoPie

        oh i see thanks for the info

    • Sayuri

      Subs are up

  • Zam Well

    its nice to be Lee Si-eon right.. but really this 2017 is a Big Hit for him.. please comment every drama his been with this 2017


    • amanda

      kkkkkk i love him too he is so funny esp as yong pal in two cops to me since W he seems to be getting younger and more good looking idk i love him to bits

      • Zam Well

        yup… its worth it for him

    • Yousra Ben Ramdane

      He’s in 2 cops too

      • Zam Well

        yup he is that good.. to have a show after a show

    • stellapeable Nunie

      I agree 2017 for Lee Si Eon.i like him since Modern Farmer.he is my fave too that is why hes one of the reason i watch I live Alone.he was in Oh the Mysterious too im happy for him.i think he got more screen time there so far.

      • Zam Well

        oh i love him in Modern Farmer.. with that cancer concern of him.. he got a girl.. 😀

    • meeemo
      • Zam Well

        it is nice if we can remember what is the drama he’s been with on our own..

        • meeemo

          then don’t open the link 🙂

    • Asma lockheart

      he appeared on “falling with the innocent” that drama was hillaaaaaarious lol

    • Gachip

      I love him, especially since i saw the really scene stealer, have you watched it? I also keep seeing him a lot. He worked in 2 cops now and other but i can’t remember right now. I want Chief kim 2 to be with him acting as well. He worked also in man who sets the table….

    • Gachip

      I really like min seon wook as well, he is working a lot more recently…He also is working in two cops as the man who abducts girls…

  • Zam Well

    yep the first half already nailed it..

  • Pranjali Singhal

    Finally a funny drama… All I was seeing was murderers and prosecutors

    • meeemo

      yesss omg, i haven’t seen a drama for about 2 weeks, finally i see a cute poster 😀

      • Pranjali Singhal

        Loving it so far

  • Pranjali Singhal

    Remember was really amazing and I have good feelings about this too

  • ShoRyuu

    this drama is amazing

  • Yousra Ben Ramdane

    When i first read the plot , i didn’t think that he was actually allergic to humans lol😅

  • RA

    finally!!! chae soo bin is nailing the robot character. i like her

  • amanda

    that mansion though damn………………that house of cards though damn…nice to see heo jun back in the 21st century again doing what he loves….medicine kkkk

  • cindydoo

    30 minute episodes, kind of short. More like one episode a week stretched over 2 days.

    • Michela Ribeiro

      It’s 2 episodes a day so 4 a week, and the second is up already

      • cindydoo

        Ah, yes i see. I stand corrected :D!

  • I approached watching this as i usually do when it comes to RomCom.. expecting something lighthearted and easy to watch.. Unfortunately a few RomComs get overacted, trying too hard to hit the funny lines that the overacting becomes distracting and the show gets hard to watch..

    Fortunately this is not the case for I Am Not A Robot, judging from this first 2 episodes.. I should say though that I have always been a huge fan of YSH..

    The actors that ended up in this RomCom has taken the reigns and ran with it.. No overacting, in voice, facial expression and body language.. The actors are bringing to life their characters as natural as possible which has made this a joy to watch..

    It is nice to see YSH break into his first RomCom.. His facial expressions, his eyes, his tone of voice and his body language certainly suits this genre.. He is not overacting his character either..

    KiJoon has always been in serious roles.. It is refreshing to see him here act out this character.. A far cry from his other villainous characters of the past..

    I can sense a joy and enthusiasm from both male leads, as they deliver characters they havent portrayed before.. because of this, they are nailing their characters.. One ends up smiling seeing them be comedic which they showcased in glimpses in their previous serious roles..

    SooBin has always been a joy to watch.. She is not overacting her character either.. I look forward to seeing her different sides as she acts out a robot and a human..

    The main characters, YSH and SooBin, will go through transformations which I am looking forward to.. As well as the other characters (KiJoon and his team)..

    This is a refreshingly new take on the gender-bender type RomComs, but instead of a girl pretending to be a guy and there is a guy that falls for her and getting emotionally confused.. It is a girl pretending to be a robot and there is a guy that falls for her who will also go through an emotional roller coaster..

  • paradox.of.fate

    Good gracious he’s looking mighty hot! Did they really have to show us his body too? (He is built!) Be still my heart! This looks like it will be a fun romcom. 😀

  • Quirky Ajumma

    Hey, that’s the same house from Chicago Typewriter. So gorgeous.

  • ThatGirl_

    OMGGGG! I found another gem :>