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Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2017-12-21


I Am Not a Robot Ep 12

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  • ydnas

    HOW CAN HE NOT TELL SHE’S NOT A ROBOT? Nonetheless, a cute ending, good riddance to the second lead female who has no idea what she’s missing out on.

    • Fireflower35

      It seems like he found out in the preview tho :0 anyone knows korean? I can’t understand what’s happening in the preview but he sure looks angry 😭

      • MomoG

        IKR, Us Non-Korean Kdrama fans suffer……

      • Naru22

        Exactly!!!! I’m also dying here…
        He sure looks angry and I understood smtg like it was all lies??? I guess he found out..

      • Kayla

        at the end of the preview where he looked angry, ji ah said let go of my hand and he was like I don’t want to

      • ant

        it seems like he find it out. he said ”everything is fake, there’s no meaning of it.”
        and seems like he go to jiah’s friend cafe to see jiah, he hold her hand and jiah said ”let go of my hand” and he said he dont want to

        • ✨Drama Queen✨

          I wish!!

        • ydnas

          even if he finds out I’m sure he’ll be mad, upset, and confused. but regardless he won’t be able to let her go because robot or not, she was the first person he trusted and cared for in 15 years. in the short amount of time they were together he did things and overcame things he only dreamed of during those 15 years. he’ll be mad but he’s also in love with her lol it’s going to be fun to watch him mentally go crazy because of this
          but i also feel like it’s too soon for him to find out? it’s only been 6 hour long episodes and in drama timeline they usually find out during episodes 9/10 lol

          • ant

            lol Ikr…Its too soon actually. but maybe the next problem to solve is the rival in KM finance.
            or something like when the robot being realese, the anemies will tell them that the robot is a human and baamm…. it’s real.
            and maybe the anemies find out about his alergy and they will try to kill him

    • amanda

      the short answer is K-DRAMA-LAND, it’s what happens here lol

  • Drama Ninja


  • Zam Well

    the real issue in this drama is all about “BETRAYAL” the thing that this couple should overcome.. he will felt betrayed if he finds out the truth..

  • kapoyani

    Whyyyyy cant i have started this when its completed 😧 so good i keep being happy a bew ep is subbed and then sad as imwatching knowing gotta wait and its gonna end arrgghh

  • kapoyani

    Why does each update feel so short 😭
    So excited for the next ep!!! 😁 seems he finally finds out shes human yezzzz

  • Shell_collector009

    OMG they kissed! As expected he’s gonna doubt his mental state followed by the realization that she is not a robot. Can’t wait for next week!

  • paradox.of.fate

    Finally…it only took 13 episodes to find out. Dang it’s gonna take another 2 or 3 before they make up? How many will be left for the love??? lol

    • Rads ical

      To be fair it’s more like 7 episodes cause kdrama episodes are usually 1 hour long, they are just splitting each episode in 2 and airing them.

    • meeemo

      so he’s going to find out next ep??

      • paradox.of.fate

        That’s what the preview indicated, but you know kdramaland it will probably be the last 5 minutes and maybe he was talking to himself. hahaha

  • puff balls

    Is it just me, or this episode today feels so short.

    • amanda

      it does

  • amanda

    daebaek she just went for it, she was like scew this i aint your robot kiss me lol!!
    hmm how convenient was that line at the store 😉 🙂
    when are we going to mention the two goofball gangsters in the van hahahaha

  • Rads ical

    Ok I love this episode because it highlights the difference between Min Kyu and her ex. He doesn’t even know she created the umbrella but he understands it and respects it and loves it. Unlike her ex who said “why would you make something that so few people would use,” when she asked him to design it. That was my favorite part of the episode.

  • Aditi

    how can he not doubt her being a robot when she just loses her balance so easily? She is supposed to be a robot and a robot would never lose balance by just getting hit by someone. Also, she gets surprised so often. is a robot supposed to get scared like that? Either he really doesn’t pay attention or he’s just too naive.

    • Discaliber

      or he just thinks that’s she’s a REALLY well made robot made to imitate even the smallest human qualities like losing their balance and being scared or surprised 😛

      • Aditi

        Could be

      • Discaliber

        also i can’t argue the emotions but the reason there aren’t more humanoid robots is because of the balance issue.

    • Ronald Harrington

      Well, hes been living alone since he was 8, naive would not begin to scratch the surface

      • Aditi


  • Sayuri


  • ThatGirl_

    I was so excitedand was looking forward but the minute it started my heart sank. Like i felt it sank sooooo deep and I got nnoyed? hahaha 😛
    “She is a robot” hahaha that dude is srsly funny. and OMFG! She is one feisty robot haha. She literally went in for his lips and I it was the most romantic moment at the time. I love them two together…too uch maybe haha T__T