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Episode 13 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 13 Engsub
Air date2017-12-27


I Am Not a Robot Ep 13

Synopsis of I Am Not a Robot Ep 13


  • Chan Sio

    Wow ❤


    Hahaha so cutee 😍😂😂😂

  • Amulya Kolusu

    YSH is too cute to handle

  • ydnas

    Yoo Seung Ho is the cutest thing ever! He needs to do more romantic comedies. 😍

    • Karen Hall

      forget the kiss forever i can’t erase it as a human lmao -too adorably funny

  • Niszek

    Where is the sub…

    • Yousra Ben Ramdane

      Subs r out,

  • Sarah

    When will the sub out?

    • Yousra Ben Ramdane

      Subs r out

  • Yousra Ben Ramdane

    Cuteness overload 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Carol Rombaoa

    Subbed! Youre the fastest!

  • She’s driving him crazy but i’m enjoying it 😁

  • Shatakshi Singh

    umm…didnt he realize that she is a human while kissing??
    i mean *cough* saliva *cough*

    • Rads ical

      That’s why he doubted if it was a kiss or a peck. She didn’t open her mouth lol. Plus he’s incredibly dense. Personally I think he knows deep deep down but is choosing to ignore it.

  • ydnas

    omg the english actors are so awkward hahah it’s cringy

    • amanda

      totally i wonder why they’re like that

    • meeemo

      just like every other english character in kdramas lol

  • Kefi1224

    Bt like wasnt that Edward swissorhands?

    • Sindy Springer

      Yes, edward scissorhands…☺

  • amanda

    did they seriously just make an entire episode about a kiss hmm

  • Shannon Vonk Sutorius

    What episode will he know she’s not a robot?

  • noona DIMPLES

    so cute 😀

  • Che

    Admit it, girls. You imagined yourself in her place in that first kiss scene. 😀😁

  • paradox.of.fate

    Just looking into his eyes….If she was a real robot it would’ve short circuited her wires! lol

  • cindydoo

    Can’t stand the Ex. He’s secretly indirectly manipulating the relationship because he wants her. Even though she has not expressed any reciprocal feelings. I feel like it’s really unfair of him and very possessive and controlling.

  • cindydoo

    Pai, you like Ex – jump him already!!!

  • oxyjennie

    I have concluded that pai likes that professor guy and she is rude to Jia sometimes because of her jealously. I think Pai and the professor suit each other.

  • momgie

    episode 13 is one of my fave episode..it gives me chills