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Episode 15 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 15 Engsub
Air date2017-12-28


I Am Not a Robot Ep 15

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  • cindydoo

    going raw…

  • ✨Drama Queen✨

    I love the subbers of this drama ❤️️

  • paradox.of.fate

    I think the rice ball went for “brothers”! lol Surprised he didn’t jump out if his chair in pain. Seriously hard not to imagine what happened after they said “Cut!” hahaha

    • amanda

      but that little girl is cute and good at delivering her lines with sass and tots cuteness

      • paradox.of.fate

        That she is. She’s been in a bunch of dramas lately. She’s just like me, can’t throw worth a shit. 😉

        • amanda

          throwing is one thing my hands seem to have seizures when i have to catch hahahahaha

          • paradox.of.fate

            That’s so funny. I played on a co-ed softball team and played center because they knew I could catch great, but couldn’t throw the ball to the pitcher, had to have second base come closer to me. lol Talk about spasmatic. The ball would go anywhere, but where i wanted it to, but I caught a lot all pop ups. 😉

          • amanda

            hahaha was into volleyball your issue with throwing is the same for me in kicking. i tried to play soccer once damn i could kick me some balls (soccer balls) they went far and high just in the general wrong direction hahahaha

          • paradox.of.fate

            Lmao so funny!! Volleyball was my sport in school. Even made it to Junior Olympics. Made some bad decisions and ended up losing my scholarship, but it’s all good. Still ended up doing what I loved. Guess sports weren’t our final calling huh? lol

          • amanda

            no they were not but junior olympics impressive

          • paradox.of.fate

            kamsahamnida 😉

  • Afrin

    This is going so good ah..

  • Rads ical

    They’re putting all this angst now and poor girl hasn’t even revealed that she’s human. I hope this means he’ll be happy she’s human but I doubt it, he’ll probs be betrayed, won’t trust her anymore and poof there goes his treatment

    • amanda

      right now it’s hard to tell how he’ll react coz of his yearnings but his personality is rather strict about liars so maybe it’s gonna be a roller coaster of emotions again. he might be angry but won’t immediately admit how relieved he is though i suspect the reason for his future angst will be that he was suffering alone thinking he had gone crazy but she let him spiral down that tunnel alone and confused though i suspect the initial reveal of her genuine genetic origin will make him overly ecstatic but briefly.

  • amanda

    min kyu is adorable and cute when he smiles but angry min kyu is handsome and manly and brings out his more mature side…………i like. doctor smarty pants is not being reasonable in this case he can’t complain about it and at the same time insist she has no feelings and last i checked skinship with the master made the “robot” very happy but you said no touching remember and if i were ji a i would’ve kissed him again in that car make him more angry and confused and that’ll teach you to get engaged in front of my face,son!!!

  • Summer Sunshine

    Riel and her dad actually look like real father and daughter lol

  • 피요나

    Does anyone know the song at 7:48? It sounds so beautiful