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Episode 16 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 16 Engsub
Air date2017-12-28


I Am Not a Robot Ep 16

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  • Rong-rong

    fast sub., thanks

  • ydnas

    Sad Yoo Seung Ho makes me sad. It’s so messed up how Ri El’s dad was manipulating him since he was a little boy! The next few episodes are going to be so sad but I hope he realizes who he really likes and overcomes that she isn’t a robot.

  • paradox.of.fate

    No surprises in the the preview, unfortunately. Hope they don’t wait til the last 2 episodes before he finds out she isn’t a robot. That wont give us enough time to see them in love without restrictions. 🙁

    • Zam Well

      i think the preview make us think that its like that.. its to long already to have a uneasy feeling for the main lead.. i guess its time for them to gear up and make it a cheer up

  • Afrin

    This is so interesting…

    we will have to wait for another week now argh

  • Hogwild

    I was hoping they would fix robot already so she could then focus on her inventions and win him over that way. I don’t like the fake robot idea. It has gone on long enough.

    • amanda

      TRUE but at least they didn’t write out the competition completely and went ahead with it

    • Minnie&Mickey

      Hi there bro !
      It’s really nice to see U here.
      This drama is keeping me on the edge 😀

  • Sayuri

    Ugh when will he find out? It’s getting too annoying gosh

  • Kdramapaithiyam

    Am so sad even after the serial completed..Omg this series is influencing my mood..

  • Shell_collector009

    It’s truly heart breaking to see Min Kyu battle it out between what he thinks is the reality and his deep emotions.I hope they confront each other at least next week. Because the wait is emotionally draining me.

    • amanda

      It’s so unfair which speaks speaks volumes as to how mean the ex-boyfriend is, seriously. i take comfort in knowing he’s nowhere near ji a’s radar MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      • Shell_collector009

        With every new episode we get to see the contrast between Min Kyu and the scientist. All she wanted was recognition of the efforts she put in. Nothing fancy. Unfortunately, he was too busy in his research.

        • amanda

          he had this huge ego that screamed “oh baby, if you can’t be as great as i am there’s no point in trying just do sit there and look pretty for me will ya!” urgh the huberous

          • Amulya Kolusu

            it all looks so creepy given he really made a robot which looks like JiA and it would be there for him looking the same forever

          • amanda

            ikr that’s borderline serial killer 101

          • Amulya Kolusu

            I would prefer calling him obsessive and possessive

  • meeemo

    nope false alarm guys, the big reveal wasn’t this week and probably not next week as well T_T

    • Mairomi

      im beginning to feel reeeally angry now because min kyu is so heartbroken over this i mean thats just plain unfair to toy with one’s heart like that i mean sure they want to keep the financial support but still…

      i hope they wont let him suffer any more ….he should know that he loves a human(then its also okay to let him battle out his thoughts a few eps long as long as he knows HE FUCKING LOVES A HUMAN)

      • meeemo

        ikr !! 🙁 imagine how he’s going to feel when he finds out.

  • Summer Sunshine

    ah man, i think the writers are committing a misstep here… 🙁 they’re keeping the deception too long, and leaving too little time for the resolution and the happy parts. I hope they do the reveal next week, i think this is wrong for both jia and min kyu.

    • Rads ical

      I thought that too, but this is exactly the Halfway point, there still plenty of time for resolution hopefully. As long as they reveal the truth next week

      • Summer Sunshine

        yeah next week better be it… i can’t imagine getting to episode 20 and the same stuff still happening

    • amanda

      true plus it’s it gets repetitive which is a good way to kill a perfectly good drama plus there are other aspects to focus on like his company being taken away etc so we can’t keep lingering on one part of the drama

      • Summer Sunshine

        that’s true, it was getting longer without a lot of plot movement. would have liked the story to be a bit tighter

        • amanda

          hahahaha back then the way he just chose love over sex was what touched me the most and i think min kyu should just choose love and take a number of people with weird fetishes can’t be worse than the human ken doll lol

    • JadedForeignDramasAngel

      Well you know the trend with dramas is that they reveal the love development and attachment at the exact middle / halfway point of the drama…since we’re at epi 16, they’ll now be able to rush things along. If they reveal it earlier than the halfway point then you know there’s going to be a lot of angst and unnecessary misunderstandings. They usually reserve that for the first half…and then pick back up in the two epis prior to the last three and then they reach climax of the drama in the third to last epi and anti climax and work all the issues out in the last two.

      HOPEFULLY they’ll not make him feel too betrayed and able to accept he’s well on his way to understanding he is NOT allergic to people but just has a mental block to people who are have bad and ulterior motives…Basically, he needs to get a better sense of discernment and trust factoring. He knows that the scientists are decent people and has learned to trust them so they can be his guinea pigs to ‘break into the outside world’. Even though they’ve deceived him it wasn’t with malicious intent…self serving but not malicious….

  • amanda

    normally the support cast at the bar will chant “KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER” but i’m just hearing “REVEAL HER REVEAL HER REVEAL HER!!”

  • Rads ical

    lol I didn’t realize this was the second ep of the day, I want the next one now! Why didn’t I wait till it finished to watch?

    • Minnie&Mickey

      I thought so too… now it’s too late.. I’m hooked already

  • Summer Sunshine

    I don’t know if i missed it… how did jia’s brother and min kyu’s relationship get better? the brother just said sorry for misunderstanding him…

    • ydnas

      my assumption is that jia’s brother probably thought ill of or didn’t understand min kyu because he never goes to the office, his weird tactics such as mask, gloves, a window in his car, etc, and the fact that he asks him to do odd stuff such as getting resignation letters, looking up people, etc. but i think he realized his intentions were pure when the chairman basically asked him to betray min kyu and that everything he’s done so far was to weed out bad people within the company.

  • Summer Sunshine

    i hope they can make good use of those heart lights. like they would spend some time apart (due to the reveal) but then one of them will touch the heart light to show that they want to reconcile

    • Amulya Kolusu

      I too keep thinking those hearts have their own role to play

  • me


  • ydnas

    despite the sad episode, yoo seung ho still manages to deliver in his performance.
    that eyebrow lift at the end.. 😍

  • dori!!


    • Discaliber

      no just 6 days.

  • kapoyani

    I hope he finds out soon
    id like to see them beyond robot-master

  • Zarina Reyes

    i feel like they’re going down the coffee prince route. make him suffer until he accepts that he fell for a robot then he’ll find out she isn’t so he has to suffer again …

    • candle

      noo omgg, i hated when that happenedd in coffee prince

    • Cheshire Cat

      I know right, this drama kept reminding me of coffee prince.

  • Amulya Kolusu

    Those lamps are really interesting, if we think about someone we cn just touch the lamp to make the other person know about it, it’ll be of good use for people like me who don’t like their mobiles.