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Episode 17 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 17 Engsub
Air date2018-01-03


I Am Not a Robot Ep 17

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  • Zam Well

    oh God.. they created a robot and all those genius ideas.. they just figure it out.. like just now..

    • ant

      all those geniuses are technician and programmer. logic but poor hearted

  • Summer Sunshine

    oh so they’re making moments between jia and min kyu to tell him that no matter how she looks on the outside he knows and recognizes her lol that’s nice. I take back some of what i said last week 🙂

  • Ayush

    Waiting for subs

    • İlayda Kaya

      yes same here 😫

    • Sarah

      me too~

    • Em8

      me too~ too~

    • Trang Doan

      its up!


    Thanks for the fast subs, Dramahood! You’re the best! 🙂

    • starsappear

      dramahood doesn’t sub the show


        whatever, I first saw the subs here, so I’m just being grateful. They uploaded it.

        • superjuniormylove

          They steal the subs and make profit of someone else’s hardwork lmao

          • Joon

            Why are you so rude? If they steal someone’s subs, why are you here to watch something stolen? So annoying! People like you with rude mouths shouldn’t exist

          • Jane Barmani

            preach brother

          • superjuniormylove

            Oh god how was I rude lmao. I shouldn’t even talk to you guys.

          • Jane Barmani

            @@disqus_hvsNR7xsfr:disqus superjuniormylove if the subs are stolen why re u watching it?? that makes u an accomplice also, u re an asshole very rude and ungrateful

          • superjuniormylove


          • Lilly

            @disqus_hvsNR7xsfr:disqus How are u not rude LMAO u called @apriljorven:disqus an ass for no reason i dont agree with stealing other people’s work without crediting but clearly she didn’t know so chill bruv you could’ve made ur point in a politer way

        • starsappear

          What are you being grateful about? :/
          They uploaded it to make money off other people’s work.
          I am not even trying to be rude, you ass. Amazed how even after explaining it to you, you remain stubborn and speak rudely. Must be hard having a tiny brain.

          • APRIL JORVEN

            you’re the ass , why , what is it to you if I thank Dramahood, why are you so affected? like I would know who did those subs, who asked you?

  • Rads ical

    Awww this is so sad! She can’t admit she was the robot right now because that would shatter the trust and could cause him to relapse. And he can’t keep her either because he can’t love a robot. Sad, is the customary 3months-2year kdrama couple separation happening then? How will they handle this?

  • amanda

    dude want a hug, it’s not everyday you fall for a robot and confess it to the inventor

  • paradox.of.fate

    Yeeessssss! At least we heard “I fell in love”! Now we just have to figure out schematics. lol

  • Bsttsella

    i actually want to buy those heart lights now ! ( I–<3 )

  • Meto Nour

    I’m trying to convince myself that she’s resambling a robot but I can’t,,, the conversation is so casual & shows how stupid he’s to believe that she’s a robot.. her acting is also awful!