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Episode 18 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 18 Engsub
Air date2018-01-03


I Am Not a Robot Ep 18

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  • Drama Ninja

    Wow in the preview the finally meet lol

    • Sivapriya

      there is a preview?? i didnt see any!! :/

      • Peg02


        • Sivapriya

          saw it! thanks 😀

  • ant

    the last 8 episodes were so sad. I eyes are driyed up

    • ✨Drama Queen✨

      You mean 8 minutes?

      • ant

        8 episodes from last week too…

        • ✨Drama Queen✨

          Oh Ok

  • Summer Sunshine

    if i was min gyu, i’d cry about it and then move on. The robot can’t love him, it’s just like another human being not being able to love him back… he can find love again. lol at least that’s what I would do, maybe i’m too jaded because I’m fine with or without love

    • Moon Star

      The feelung is mutually the same when having a waifu… A waifu that can’t love you back as well, but at least now you can marry the likes of it legally…

    • Rads ical

      What you’re talking about is the logical solution in the real world, but in kdramaland moping and being unproductive is the only solution lmao.

    • Indira L-Sidney

      The problem is that you’re okay with or wothout love but this is not the same thing for him. It’s not just a crush you’ll cry over and turn the page,this is the illusion of the human contact he didn’t have for so long. Humans can’t live without anyone around, this is just too lonely. He lost his parents and couldn’t exchange with anyone for a long time dring his childhood, it must have been so hard and we can’t even imagine this because it actually doesn’t exist in the real world. So she’s not just a love but the person who cured him and which represent a savior, a friend, the person he trusts the more after being decieve by his old only friend (the other CEO)

      • Summer Sunshine

        I know, that’s why I said if it was me. 🙂 but to be honest, if i was the doctor and jia was truly a robot i’d give the same advice. It is blunt, but it is also the only way forward for him. It won’t be easy at all, but there’s no other way. Life gives you challenges and going through them makes you stronger, he survived since childhood so I know that he is stronger than how he seems at the moment… he needs such advice because he currently doesn’t know how to deal with a broken heart, just like others who went through it for the first time. In the next episodes we can probably see him dealing with the heart ache from having loved and lost for the first time… but different from his former situation he can now go out, make friends, have human contact, and find love again. Luckily though, jia is not a real robot.

  • Afrin

    I Feel bad for Minkyu.. He finally fell in love but with robot… he would be so hurt..lets hope she reveals the truth asap x

  • Afrin

    He is gonna reset her.. its gonna be so hard for both of them


    • bree

      My thought exactly!

  • Schattendiebin

    I KNEW they were gonna play the “If you tell him, his allergy’s gonna come back” card but THIS? THIS!? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS, why is that drama trying to rip my heart out?! Oh god, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode even though I’m sure it’s gonna take at least one more week until they reveal the truth. I just hope we’re gonna get the happy ending I was predicting in the beginning (I mean… we basically got the necklace proposal now but that wasn’t supposed to break my fricking heart … ouch)

    • amanda

      saw that one coming

  • Imane

    gosh i’m dying

  • Rads ical

    The last like 6 episodes have been angsty, when will the laughs return?

  • KAY

    This is breaking my heart TT

  • cup ramyun

    Oh well this is just great, another sob fest. *cries till next episode*. Poor babies, happy days will soon come.

  • Kefi1224

    This is gonna get sour and am not looming forward to it


    Here comes heartache. But for Minkyu’s sanity this has to be done. why no preview? I have only that to tied me over til ep 19, heehee… oh, gosh, I bet in real life Yoo Seung Ho is a total heartbreaker, hahaha. Oh, my hearteu!

  • Suri

    i really hope the truth will be revealed tomorrow, i don’t wanna wait another week and i dont like seeing kim min kyu suffer 🙁

  • cup ramyun

    Oh well this is just great, another sob fest. *cries till next episode*. Poor babies, happy days will soon come.

  • Onew Dubu
  • meeemo

    that last scene physically ached my heart 😩💔

    • Nour Alanqar

      me too :'(

  • Maria

    This episode broke my heart.I want him to find out that she’s human, but when I think about how hurt he’d be I don’t want it and it breaks my heart even more.I’ve seen this scenario like a million times in k-dramas (when one of the leads betrays the other’s trust and he/she finds out about it later on).However, this is literally the first time I wasn’t like “Ugh just tell him that you’re not a robot already so you can live happily ever after and boom” (of course that’s after the lead gets angry/heartbroken and bla bla bla).I’m seriously considering their feelings now as if I’m actually in their places.This drama really gets to me man idek anymore.

    • Naru22

      Agreed!!! Especially in this episode… I couldn’t stop myself from thinking in place of the leads!!!! The writers are amazing in today’s epi… And especially yoo seung… He killed me!!! His action was amazing 😍😍😍

  • Rads ical

    Nooo omg why would they do that to poor Johnny? Damn the last few minutes broke my heart, particularly that last hug. I’m impressed how she held herself just at the verge of tears, if only they’d fallen, he’d figure it out then. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Hanane Be

    And no preview ! TT That shit is so heartbreaking !! goosh

    • weareONEwidOPPA

      Search in youtube… “I am not a robot ep 19 preview” there is 🙂

      • Hanane Be

        Reallly. Oh thank u ^^ kkk

      • Hamza Zuberi

        cool.. they’ll meet on the train for real this time 🙂

  • Hanane Be

    What if he realizes that she was crying ? TT

  • weareONEwidOPPA

    Goshhhh Yoo Seung Ho’s cry made me very very sad 🙁

  • amanda

    DAMN YOU TILDA, you just added another week to our big reveal, damn you and your scamming ways!! but i feel like the 2 situations are totally different and coukd produce different results if they came clean themselves and amicably

  • Minnie&Mickey
  • paradox.of.fate

    Talk about pulling at your heartstrings…gawd!! Seeing how much his heart was broken, tore me up. I knew he was going to give her the necklace, that will be the key when he sees her again. He will finally find out it was her all along! yay!! Can’t wait. Btw, love the 2 actors who are the kidnappers. They are hilarious. lol

    • Miau

      the kidnappers are dumb and dumber lol hi chingu! have to come to disquis to read you! I’m loving this drama but I’m also sad with this episode! 😭

  • Ronald Harrington

    I’m pretty sure the shock from losing all his money pretty much did it, not finding out that his greatest wish came true, that she was human…..sheeeeesh, and why marry the two face girl from childhood? He trusts no one, except the Chairman trying to hook them up and the girl???? Then why his condition then if he trusts them so much???? Criminy……

  • Kızlar annesi

    Last 3 minutes was soo painful 😢😢😢

  • my hearteu

  • Nimi

    the last 2 min. broke my heart. ;'( but i was hopping this to come. cuz if they tell him the truth directly, he will obviously gets shock. he got cured when he realised that not people are bad and not all are there to deceive him . but if he comes to know about them too , he will feel like they are also the same. that’s how we realise- ‘don’t believe anyone’

  • MeganLee

    Such a tragic moments when MinKyu tells JiA to start over as reset. Happy moments and bright moments when they were together to shatter the memories of the happy times. This is best tragic moments that I’ve ever seen than other K-Dramas.

  • amanda

    but he won’t know it’s her it’s kdrama nothing is set in stone until they say it for all we know he could think he’s hallucinating this is what puts me on edge they could be on the same train on oppsite seats but at different times lool

  • Noorul Ain

    her mobile ring tune makes me laugh in serious situations lol

  • booboop

    How I pity Min Kyu who at his ripe age still didn’t know he’s talking to a real human all along. Ji A’s emotions and expressions are so obvious compared to how Aji 3’s straight one- or two-liner reply.