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Episode 20 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 20 Engsub
Air date2018-01-04


I Am Not a Robot Ep 20

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  • Sara Rodrigues

    it just happened what I was hoping :DDDD yeahhhhh

  • Kayla

    omfg how can I wait so long for the next episode and there’s no preview either :((((

  • kjk

    What did I expect… -___- Of course, they won’t show it in this episode… Gotta wait for another week again. Can’t wait for next weeeeeeeeek. how will they react. xD <3 <3 <3 <3

    • i1992

      I am not sure, but i read that we have to wait until march. mbc dramas will take a break. i think it is something related with the olympics.

      • Jordan

        i think that’s just for new dramas right? i don’t think this one will be affected.

        • i1992

          yeah i think you are right.

      • kjk

        I died a little the moment I read your reply…. T____T I do hope they won’t. πŸ™ Thanks for the info.

        • i1992

          Like i said i am not sure but i am glad that they are going to finish this drama. Thank you for the info:)
          It sucks that we have to wait until march because i am really looking foward for Great temptation.

      • kjk

        I just searched for it and they said that they will finish the ongoing dramas (I am not a robot and Two cops) first and that they won’t air any new drama after that, so they can air their coverage for the Olympics.

  • Ayesa

    I’m watching raw episodes like nobody’s business. The last time I did this was for Love in the Moonlight, coincidentally, a drama that co-starred Chae Soobin. πŸ™‚ Love her! <3

    I'm Not A Robot's angst kills meeee. Seriously, the "com" in this romcom has been missing for several episodes! It's a rom-rip-your-heart-out drama. -_- However, I'm still here waiting for raw episodes because every time Yoo Seung Ho comes on screen, his eyes slay me then bring me back to life. <3 <3 <3 Can't wait for next week!!!

  • ydnas

    Yoo Seung Ho was attractive before but now that he’s “cured” and taking control, he’s even more attractive! You see everything in his eyes and gaze. I’m going to predict that they’ll see the meteor shower together next week and something will blossom from there.

  • Drama Ninja

    Ah now it begins getting to know the real her.

  • cup ramyun

    WOOOOOHOOO, I am SOOOOO ready for them to fall for each other all over again. They’re just too damn cute.

    • amanda

      they both cry a lot too

  • Fish_Bowl

    Waiting a week without preview is torture.. T-T

  • crappymanga

    this is not a very original situation. they should have done something more unexpectable

  • ant

    their eyes met, and that all what I need for this drama

    • amanda

      but as soon as that happens you now want them to say something at least

      • ant

        let me give you a spoiler. they minkyu will say something and jia will act like they never meet each other. and then they became close. went on vacation, looking at that meteon shower together. even the way she talk and her voice is the same as IG3, he will just wonder why the FEEL is the same, and feel like falling in love again

        • amanda

          okay i will try to be patient and believe it will work out next week

        • JustMe

          Itll be min kyu’s turn to learn about Ji A πŸ˜‰

  • Afrin



    honestly , THEY WOULD MEET AGAIN yes yes yes ye syes yes yes YES FINALLY


    NO PREVIEW???!!! Chinchaa??? how am I going to survive the whole week!!!!!!.*sobs* 😭 😒

    • MeganLee

      lol. Same me. I can’t help it but to watch other dramas like “Two Cops”, “Man Who Set The Table” and “Doubtful Victory” and other drama that I need to catch up.

  • KpopUnnie

    My heartueeeeeeee πŸ™ I’m dying here


    guys…I just realised… next week would be the~~~

    LOL Im already worried about its end.
    ~~~don’t want it to end *sob*~~~

  • Schattendiebin

    I still need him to realize she’s wearing HIS necklace and then he freaks out bc he realizes she’s been “his” Aji3 the whole time (actually I was torn between them just meeting as friends again and then starting a relationship which would’ve been incredibly difficult due to Ji A not being able to forget the memories they made as Aji3/Min Kyu and him finding out it was her all along. Well, it makes more sense for them to grow together.. I really wanna see his reaction to her wearing the necklace; also, nice spoiler there with the meteor shower coming up soon 😏 I see what you did there.)

    • momgie

      that ring will end the story

  • Suri

    i have a slight hope that everything is gonna be revealed next week because of that meteor thing, and im sure they somehow end to see that and i really hope they come together finally without any obstacles

  • amanda

    uurgh another week, this is getting too much next week better yield some results or i will fly out there myself and be the Aji3 he deserves and loves!!

  • amanda

    i find it refreshing that the chaebol girl actually likes the “other” guy and not our min kyu hahahaha, i felt sorry for him hope he gets the girl at least, goes to show just how much a fathers greed and dream may end up ruining the child’s life

    • stellapeable Nunie

      completely agree.RiEl wants love not just business which is good and the YooChul can have the girl.i think its his first time to play chaebol too.

      • amanda

        yes it is, he’s been the goof in fighting ghost, the goof uncle in bok joo,and the dongsaeng killer in sleeping, personally i think that’s what earned him some points as a skilled actor coz let’s face it anyone can be a goofy character but to pull of evil that’s another story so i’m loving that he getting more serious roles……………….can’t wait to see the kiss between him ri el hihihihihiihihih

        • stellapeable Nunie

          true.he nailed it in fighting ghost .i like him.

  • Athena Gliddon


    Arg, the waiting has been painful!

    Now we all have to wait for next week to see how this plays out.


  • eunmi


  • shaco sleepwalker

    That last moment was so intense
    I was freaking out where the hell is the preview of next episode ?????
    Going to youtube

    • JustMe

      I didnt find it on youtube eitherrrrrrr oh gooooddddd like literally nothing acturally happened today’s episode besides everyone’s angst.

  • paradox.of.fate

    OH SHIT!! Why can’t this episode be an hour?? Why oh why! We only waited 20 episodes for this moment. Another week will feel like eternity!

  • hey!

    She should just tell him the truth or at least tell him that her ex used her face and similarities to make the robot.

  • momgie

    there will be a very nice and wonderful ending to this drama..i think YSH wil think that jia is look like aji3…just like that story book about the rabbit..

  • Fatima

    This drama is just πŸ‘πŸ»
    My heart hurts when he cry
    I hope my heart doesn’t hurt next week😭

  • Ricky Matthews

    What!!! 😱