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Episode 24 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 24 Engsub
Air date2018-01-11

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  • Zam Well

    no preview guys…

    • amanda

      hmm in the days of while you were sleeping you would bombard us with cute screenshots of the drama these days not so much, are they not cute enough for your efforts?

      • Zam Well

        recently I’ve been focus to work so i haven’t watch all the new series.. lack of inspiration i guess..

        • amanda

          it will return…………..someday

  • Miyu

    Wow his allergy is back 😭😭

    • Omegus

      Wasn’t much of “Omg” moment. It was too obvious.

      • amanda

        would’ve been a more interesting plot twist if it hadn’t come back and if he hugged her instead this was just duh we knew it!!

        • ant

          well…we know why this is called drama. everything need to be dramatic

  • Grey Apple

    Let me guess what will she do. She will hug him and then kiss him, and then tell him that she love him… After that his allergy will be gone immediately LOL

    • Maria

      I wish lol I don’t mind that tbh I’ll take anything at this point

    • Omegus

      LOL, I agree 100%. Typical K-drama ending. I could see this “betrayal” coming from a mile away.

    • amanda

      let’s hope you are in the writer’s mind channeling that thought 24hrs a day everyday til next week

    • ant

      he’ll dying on her lap, she hug him tight and then her tears drop on his allergic face, and baam…it’s healed
      I stay cool, and told to myself, he wouldn’t die

    • cindydoo

      It is worry some – he said he didn’t bring his shot – so if she doen’t save him – he’ll die.

      • Omegus

        What? He did bring them, he was trolling the doc

        • cindydoo

          Well, then she’ll need to take control, grab him, and look for them shots and jab him! – or give him a big kiss – I think either one will do the trick :D!

    • Lyndsay Alphey

      I think he will leave…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Angry and dome episodes of crying bitterly for betrayal will follow n he will get sick blah blahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŠπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ™Š

  • Nora Lay

    how can i wait another 7 days in this type of ending and no preview >.<

    • Ayesa

      I feel you, sistah!

  • Ayesa

    As predicted yesterday, of course they stop at that precise moment and without any preview too!!! This show’s killing me with its cliffhangers. As if Yoo Seung-ho’s eyes weren’t expressive enough to give me a heartattack, they had to make me wait for another friggin’ week!!! Drives me crazeh!


    yea, that was indeed the preview of the end of ep 24, nice! kinda drives you crazy that we hv to go through the agony of waiting when we just did that prior to this, hahaha. ok, we still hv the subs to look forward to so …. inner peace.

  • κ°•ν•œ ~

    How there is no preview !!! how can we wait another week !! omg I can’t wait anymore ugh >*<

    • amanda

      you live and you learn

  • stellapeable Nunie

    and then the classic kdrama routine lol..hoping the writer wont take too long tp have their romance rolling for real.

  • DemonLordie


  • Filesiles Magar

    Dont worry viewers scriptwriter is not that much fool…he will hang us in another episode as well…he will.make something which will be unexpected…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚wait for it

    • amanda

      i feel like this drama contains a lot of those like way way too many!!

    • Sanjana

      I doubt he will drag it much now like I hate to say this but no many episodes left, I want them to get together so bad but then I equally don’t want the show to end

  • ydnas

    Despite the horrible wait, we all know that he won’t die or anything since he’s the lead. He might feel betrayed and extremely hurt but they’ll overcome it. It’s been long overdue that the whole truth is revealed so I’m excited to see how it’ll all play out!

    • amanda


      • disqus_cRKB8INl36

        Deaddddd Samjangs blood 😹😹

        • amanda


      • Ino Yong Senpei

        Samjang xD

      • Mariam

        Haha, referring to Sam Jang’s blood was lit. 🀣

        • amanda

          i like to think there’s an element of truth to what we see in dramas

      • haesoo

        damn, i knew it, there was a trick in this drama , lols

        • amanda

          they fooled us all

  • Schattendiebin

    And just like I predicted: He finds out through his necklace. Ah, it was so wonderful … And he has his medicine with him, so he’ll be fine.
    I’m surprised they’re trying to include a (kinda forgotten) sub story line with all the CEO drama, I mean, the show will be over in just two weeks (don’t even wanna think about that, I’ll miss Yoo Seung-ho like crazy), they should concentrate on getting the lead characters together

    • Omegus

      I skipped through it all. It’s such a waste. I don’t care about Hong and Pai’s love story nor the CEO stealing Aji 3. Aji 3 served her purpose, so her story ended. Just get on with the main course.

    • amanda

      don’t know why they bothered casting the old people too so not interesting they neglected it too much from the start so not interesting at all, in fact i don’t mind if he lost his position company is still his and he got shares, he still gonna get PAID!!!!!!!

    • ydnas

      I think because it helps to create characterization. They are less important but still serve a purpose to the main plot or storyline. With the side storylines, we understand the main characters a bit more and it’s a change of pace or mood for the story. Without the CEO drama, we wouldn’t really know how or why Min Kyu became the way he is. It helps us to see how and why he developed his issue and why it’s hard for him to overcome it. Despite sort of overcoming it, they are still out to hurt or betray him which can cause his issue to remain. Also, the writers have to find an ending for the subplots they introduce. Although, I do agree that I much rather see Yoo Seung Ho on screen more but I would be kind of annoyed if they just threw the subplots out the door because I’ll be left wondering what happened to them even if I don’t care as much, hahah.

    • FeelTheFriction

      Yeah it makes no sense to me what the CEO’s plan is. Kim Min Kyu is not the public face of the company. He’s not the CEO. He was (is?) the major shareholder. I’m sure the writers will pretend and have a giant board meeting… but in real life nobody is going to give a damn if the major shareholder gets publicly swindled. At best they can kick him off the board… which would never happen unless they found detailed proof of illegal wrongdoing or lack of mental competence. One 30 second clip isn’t changing anything.

      I’m also not a fan of Ri El who went from a tough realist to a hopeless romantic at the slightest bit of flirting and affection from the CEO. Not everyone needs to be paired up.

      • ant

        ikr…Ri El character is such dissapointment.
        and the’s 5 couples in this drama, like why…

      • Rads ical

        Completely agree with you. Also I feel like they really dragged the plot out as much as they could. Especially after their kiss

    • Wigsnatched

      yup the drama about the company seems so irrelevant at this point . just get them together ASAP!!

  • Captain Jung

    I just want to end all the pain that you are going through Min-Kyussi 😭 it hurts to see you cry 😭 Yoo SeungHossi jjang!!! the only actor who made me feel the pain of his character.😭😭😭

  • amanda

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ola NiedΕΊwiedzka

    the next
    please. :’)

    • elfrien_rin

      someone needs to hack MBC’s headquarters, please!!!

      • Naru22

        If only I had those skills!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • elfrien_rin

    Kinda expected he’d find out.. But would she probably use what he told her when they were locked in and tell him that he was the one made her feel important?

    Ahhh I feel so sad for her πŸ™

  • Maria


  • Sanjana

    Oh my days!!!! R these writers insane, do they want to kill viewers or something like such an intense scene and what do they do…they finish the episode and don’t even GIVE US A PREVIEW!!!!! Ahh i love this drama too much, my heart can’t take it

  • Lia Kholifia

    No preview . Another a week i should wait omg i cant help myself not to curious:(((

  • paradox.of.fate

    Wow we were one step closer with the perfect “we got stuck in the same building over night scenario” to being 5 steps back with the allergy breakout. UGH!!!

  • bree

    Luvin all the comments 😘

  • kkiittyy


  • Mahzabeen Alam Maria

    Waiting for another 7 days is going to be tough!!! 😭

  • Lais Sandy

    Jia and Minkyu needs to get back together in the first half of the next epidode so that the lasts episodes be just them beeing happy and nothing about the company. I just want them to be happy and together!!!! There’s too much sad episodes already!!!!!

  • ant

    this drama kinda has beauty and the beast feel.
    the rich prince who live alone in his castle. the cleaning robots are the living dishes. the allergie changes him to a monster.
    she got there because someone made a mistake and she need to stay there, and then they fell in love.
    the prince in soon dying and the beauty will hug him and tell him that she love him, in tears, and he’ll be living just fine, and cured from his curse

    • Danica Kate Resurreccion

      I hopeee so!!

  • cottoncandy

    what and that’s it where is the preview where is ittttttt *sight*. i mean we need to calm down you guys he won’t die right!!!! he won’t but instead she will help him and she will have to stay with him until he gets better and maybe they will talk it out or something.
    not freaking out at all

    • amanda

      right……………………..even though we know that’s something we can’t help we’ll freak all the way to next week

      • Naru22

        Exactly… And I don’t have a good feeling actually. I’m pretty sure the next Wednesday epi would be one hell of an episode…. He would feel everyone betrayed him. He would lose at company too…. Everything bad is going to happen….

  • weewoowee

    ri el deserves so much better than that ceo guy she’s such a strong and honest woman who stands her ground and i was so happy when she told him off last episode. if she still gets together with the ceo as he is rn i’ll be so mad

  • Omegus

    Lmao, I don’t know this made me laugh….and this was right at the ending too. ><

  • 杨洋

    My prediction is that now he’s going to be unallergic to everyone except for ji ah

  • bty db

    Where’s the preview? This drama is so good. Why can’t they air it everyday? Can’t wait for a week.ghosh!!!!

  • Black


  • Ino Yong Senpei

    this commentπŸ˜‚

  • Afrin


    • kdrama_fan

      same man same

  • this drama is haunting me all week long

  • Isabell-Mari

    I read the comments and decided …. NAH BRAH i cant take a week of torment and havent watched the last episode yet. imma watch it in a few days when episode 28 is out =) BINGEWATCH!!

  • Karen Hall

    annoying how the robot is lamely developed.She suppose to be able to hack n fight not just be a slave to a master. stupes