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Episode 8 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 8 Engsub
Air date2017-12-14


I Am Not a Robot Ep 8

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  • Drama Ninja

    Umm damn haha

    This is like 900 sweet points.

    • Chahida

      Hahaaa LOL

  • ydnas

    Yoo Seung Ho is just cute in everything he does.

    • rockstar


  • Shell_collector009

    This has surprisingly become my most awaited drama of the week <3

    • meeemo

      me tooo, at first i started watching it because i had nothing else to watch, but now i can’t wait for the next eps XD

      • Shell_collector009

        While waiting for the next episodes, I can’t stop rewatching the snippets of the past episodes. The antics of the characters are so funny.

  • Summer Sunshine

    hahahaha i’d like to see the behind the scenes footage for those crablets

    • amanda

      me too that was a funny scene and it was original too i haven’t comedy like that before, the brother was in this drama i forgot it’s name but he appears in a few episodes where he can see the future and he foresees his own death and he dies sadly

      • amanda

        haaa suspicious partner i think he was wrongfully accused of something they got him out and he died after meeting his first love in an accident he left an impression on me i was glad to see him again

        • Aleeha Butt

          Which episode?

          • amanda

            am not sure which one but he was one of the falsely accused clients and they got him off, he could see the future and he saw his own death and he died while jcw was with him in hospital

      • Summer Sunshine

        I think that was Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook. He was a client, and he was trying to help the lead, which then led to the death he predicted iirc

      • Summer Sunshine

        Oh I was wrong (can’t edit my other comment) about why he died. He didn’t die while trying to help the lead. He was just with him 🙂

        • amanda


  • Summer Sunshine

    yes, hopefully he’ll find out she’s not a robot next episode… but what if the betrayal makes him have the allergy again… does he not know it’s psychological? the doctor should have told him…

    • amanda

      i think it’s too soon for him to find out maybe the week after, after they have solidified their bond but i suspect ji a will come clean first coz she is falling for him fast

  • Peg02

    The last scene… and we have to wait the next episode.

  • amanda

    damn our professor has got it bad awwwww it’s gonna be sad when he has to let her go and what is the age difference between them he seemed much older when they met than he is now

    • Athena Gliddon

      I think there is supposed to be an age difference. She was obviously a student and he was a professor. IRL Um Ki-Joon is 41.

      • amanda

        wow it does show that he’s a bit older but still handsome and he pulls of hs character quite well he’s funny, he kinda reminds me of the guy playing yong pal in two cops they have that same charm of being funny without really trying hard

        • Athena Gliddon

          I am a huge fan of supporting actors and this guy is one of my favorites. This actor played a big role in two different series: The Defendant and in Phantom.

          • amanda

            me too i strongly believe that a drama’s success largely dependent on the right support cast who bring in the right amount of funny or drama the main leads can’t produce for example mr choi in while you were sleeping brought the drama but in strong woman do bong soon he was hella FUNNY in both roles he played at once

          • Athena Gliddon

            Ah, my favorite supporting actor. I liked him in Chief Kim a lot and started following him instead of lead actors.

          • amanda

            i bet his kids are always laughing with a dad like that

  • amanda

    OMG THE TINY CRABS CHILLS i hate things that crawl esp spiders it feels like they’re on my skin eewww the tiny crabs looked like spiders aaaaah they were everywhere i was laughing and cringing and shaking so much but i felt sorry for them when they were dunked in oil the cruelty why wouldn’t you kill them first?
    the brother and the ex face-off was hilarious keeping eye contact and their cool with the tiny crabs gradually increasing in number

  • 5Zero4

    crabs here crabs there crabs everywhere lol

  • Adelina

    The last few minutes were so sweeeet!

  • Adelina

    The last few minutes were so sweeeet! ❤️

  • Schattendiebin

    Oh boy, where can I find someone who looks at me like Min Kyu looks at Aji3? I think they’re my new OTP (and we had the puppy ship this year, they made me have a heart attack every time an episode was released but Seung-ho just EASILY topped them)

  • cindydoo

    Ex is being awfully annoying being jealous and possessive when he’s only an EX. He’s not much competition. More like some delusion person who still thinks he has a say.

  • ant

    jia is sooooo pretty…. they match so well

  • JustMe

    Oh gosh i didn’t expect them to fall in love so quickly

  • Amanda

    Im loving this drama. <3

  • Athena Gliddon

    I am so happy that Um Ki Joon has graduated from bad guy to second lead. After watching him be the big bad in two series, it is nice to see him play something different.

  • those craps ahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Ice cream n soda

    This drama upgraded to pretty

  • Mihael Keehl

    for the moment this drama is a failure. Chae so bin is supposed to behave like a robot but she does not.

    • dutchessdioji

      Re: Chae so bin doesn’t behave like a robot. IMO I don’t think this drama is a failure for that reason. Perhaps, you’re idea of what a robot should be is passe. She’s supposed to be a “state of the art” robot. He’s filthy rich and can afford the best of the best and she’s it. I’m sure the ideal robot for him would be something more “human like” since he can’t have any physical contact with people. From this episode we can see his need for human physical contact. So the way she behaves makes her the perfect robot for him.

  • Schattendiebin

    Oh boy, where can I find someone who looks at me like Min Kyu looks at Aji3? I think they’re my new OTP (and we had the puppy ship this year, they made me have a heart attack every time an episode was released but Seung-ho just EASILY topped them)

  • Goblin’s bride

    Those crabs 😥

  • Rish


  • paradox.of.fate

    When they were sitting there talking I saw the crabs on them, but didn’t know they were on their heads til I saw something sticking up like an antennae. I was like “what the hell is that”, then got seriously creeped out. They look like jumping spiders. Ewwwwwwe!

  • Arios Arios

    It getting interesting for few last episodes. I think I’ll stick with this drama. I am not a fan of Yoo Seung Ho. But I find him attractive recently and insanely handsome. I wonder why?

  • kapoyani

    Surprisingly very good couldnt stop watching in one go