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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-11-22


Judge vs. Judge Ep 1

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  • amanda

    1st episode looks interesting cant wait for subs

    • DyingtobeinKorea


      • amanda


        • DyingtobeinKorea

          you’re welcome

  • Aditi

    omg, I didn’t know that Dong Ha was here. waahh!!! I love his acting. He was amazing in Suspicious Partners. Dong Ha Hwaiting!!

    • amanda

      its always a matter of time before the killer becomes the good guy am happy to see him looking fine in that robe

  • amanda

    it’s gon gi tae form marriage not dating one of my fav actors whoop, and who is this hyun soo you’ve changed your ways of killing hahahaha! hmm why are there so many crime and court dramas this year it’s been prosecutor after prosecutor after serial killers and cops all year, suspicious partner,witch’s court, while you were sleeping,mad dog, falsify, criminal minds,secret forest, duel,lookout etc

    the train scene was funny but she’s a loose cannon…………..that psycho who “educated the kids” deserves all kinds of torture ever to be invented..sick!!

  • raman

    The first few second I thought I had porn playing in the background

  • JustMe

    This show needs to replace “because this is my first life” thats ending next week. No pressure.

  • Zam Well

    is that Chang-Wook?? wahahaha i didn’t recognized him at first i realized that he is at the last scene XD so i rewatched again to confirm wahahah damn those glasses XD

    • paradox.of.fate

      It isn’t Ji Chang Wook. I ckd Asianwiki and there is a Lee Chang Wook, but I not familiar with him?

      • Zam Well

        yeah Lee Chang-Wook is right.. i just finished Lovers in Bloom, he is one of the cast.. i love how he interact with the child actress there.. didn’t know that he will be here on this drama so.. i just surprise when i recognized him..

        • paradox.of.fate

          Cool! I always like those kind of surprises. 😉

          • Zam Well

            yeah.. hes a supporting here but doesn’t matter.. wish him the best..

        • Amulya Kolusu

          Is Lovers In Bloom worth watching!! want to for the ML, liked him in Hwarang, killer smile. I actually have no time with so many shows in hand.

  • paradox.of.fate

    Love this genre. Need a few more episodes to see if this is going to be good. Fingers crossed!

  • Jevva Manies


  • Summer Sunshine

    woohoo say hello to jaechan for me haha, so many court dramas

  • ShoYong

    Mr jin do hyun what you doing here lol

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    The first 18 minutes I laughed my ass off, especially the court scene lmao

  • citrus-ky

    OMG! I’m loving this already. I love love love the main leads !

  • citrus-ky

    OMG! I’m loving this already. I love love love the main leads !

  • guccicarat

    finally a drama that isnt abt the lawyers and prosecuters and about the judges