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Episode 13 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 13 Engsub
Air date2017-12-13


Judge vs. Judge Ep 13

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  • Ronald Harrington

    Ummmmmmmmmm, are we just supposed to forget he (prosecutork) had the deal to send her brother to jail and had crazy guy kill him??????? Just wipe it from our memories???? Ok, wiped, can’t have the story not making sense, that would be stupid……

    • Gae Jeong Ppal

      Actually we don’t know what the deal was yet. It’s not clear that Han Joon is the one who had the deal to send his brother to jail. And from this episode you can see that Han Joon wasn’t the one who making the deal with the crazy murderer. Instead, he told the crazy murderer to not to touch Jung Joo’s brother.

  • Ronald Harrington

    Why is she more worried about that evil family than her brother?????

  • Jiminzgoki

    I dont know but I have a feeling that the one who killed Kim Ga yeon is his Mother.

  • Sindy Springer

    I really think the mother is the killer of Kim Ga Yeon

  • paradox.of.fate

    It’s no longer “Suspicious partners”!! Woot!! My sexy Han Joon isn’t going to be the bad guy…I hope. lol So glad he got a leading role, he’s a great actor and has one of the sexiest voices out there. 😉

  • 매디

    Awwwww our sexy Han joon is not the killer but he the guy with a killer voice!!!(wink) I hope he ends up the lead actress even tho the chances of that happening are slim to none

  • Wilde Sparxx

    This is some of the weirdest flirting I’ve seen lol… first the wet hair thing and now the foot 😛

  • Wilde Sparxx

    There is seriously something shady going on with Do Han Joon’s parents… both the father and the mother…

  • Wilde Sparxx

    Is it the mother who killed and is then framing the father to finally get rid of him or is it really the father who killed… such a mind game; it’s getting intense.

  • Wilde Sparxx

    Or it might not be either of them.